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SoCS 07-10-21 Hoping We Get Lucky

Today we take on another prompt from Linda G Hill with this Stream of Consiousness instruction:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “hope.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

Man, I hope everything goes off without a hitch next weekend, as Dave has made us reservations at Winstar World Casino for a short getaway!

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I’m also hoping we get lucky and win a little, but it will be nice to stay at the resort more than a few hours. This place has an amazing swimming pool, golf course, great restaurants and, of course, a beautiful casino. I’m not one for gambling much, but we don’t go very often, so I plan on having fun!

My hope is that Dad is taken care of while we are gone, the dogs get seen to by my brother or one of the kids, since Brandy is a bit under the weather. After a spendy day at the vet, she now has medicine and special shampoo to combat a skin infection she gets every summer around this time! Poor baby. She is covered in bumps, scabs, won’t stop scratching. She’s miserable, but hopefully by next weekend, she’ll be feeling much better.

Let the weather cooperate, and the stars align for us to have a little time away together! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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My Fervent Hope

Ok y’all, I know they taste like dirt, but if seasoned properly, they can be tolerable.

My fervent hope is that you ALL eat a DOUBLE serving of these bad boys for NEW YEAR’S Dinner. PLEASE!! We all need the good luck and prosperity this coming year, don’t you agree??



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A Quiet Desperation

A Quiet Desperation

Photo credit: Unsplash

It’s with a quiet desperation I find
Myself wanting to leave this year behind.
The folks I’ve lost, the tragedy it’s brought,
Solace and peace are what I’ve sought.
May the New Year bloom with positivity and light
And may angels grace my dreams at night.
Saying prayers the future is much less fraught
With nightmares, stress, and all that lot.
Hope is eternal and dreams do come true,

My wish is for brighter tomorrows, not just for me but for all of you too!!



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Wod Challenge 2-23-20 Much Ado About Nothing?

Ty Williams for Unsplash

I know I’ve used this picture before but…

In the beginning of all this mess, I have to admit I thought it was much ado about nothing

Now I realize the situation is serious, even if we don’t want it to be. We can ignore the news, stick our heads in the sand and pretend nothing is happening, yet it is. The word is on lockdown until the virus is wiped out, and we have to comply or deal with the consequences. It is tough, but together we will get through it. Do what the sign above says, and stay in touch with family and friends, we need them now more than ever!

Pray, continue your church services and giving tithes through livestreaming and donate buttons, they need to keep going as well.

Stay busy, cook, read, write, create. Help where we can. Say something positive, write something epic, like your autobiography. Are you a good person? What would you want to leave behind? Did you help someone in some way? Create content that will help someone, figure out a way to be useful. Plant a garden. So many things we can be doing right now to make true meaning out of this nightmare.

I’m trying to do my part by sharing meals with the family, helping Dad when he needs it, creating content that might be inspiring or helpful, like recipes for folks who have never cooked but want healthy meals so they don’t get fat with all the sitting around. I’m struggling myself, being a writer means sitting a lot, so I’m thinking of ways to stay active and I get up and move around frequently. Do those chores around the house you’ve been putting off. Sell your stuff once you’ve cleaned your closet, maybe you can make a little extra pocket change on Ebay, 5Mile, or Offer Up.

We can do this people, it’s not going to last forever, I hope! I’m not buying into the message the media is trying to sell though, I don’t believe this is our “new normal.” I choose to believe things will get back to normal as we knew it, although it may be a better normal than before because we will have learned some valuable lessons through it all.

Happy Monday, let’s do something positive today, let’s spread some HOPE!!


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