Wod Challenge 2-23-20 Much Ado About Nothing?

I know I've used this picture before but... In the beginning of all this mess, I have to admit I thought it was much ado about nothing Now I realize the situation is serious, even if we don't want it to be. We can ignore the news, stick our heads in the sand and pretend… Continue reading Wod Challenge 2-23-20 Much Ado About Nothing?

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WOD-Hope-Feb 12-2019

The Word of the day is Hope Hoping All Goes Well This weekend will be the culmination of a month's work, striving to preserve my mother-in-law's memory as best we know how. We are hoping all goes well since we have basically put the whole service together ourselves. When you have a funeral, most of… Continue reading WOD-Hope-Feb 12-2019