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How is everyone on this glorious Tuesday morning?!

Liam Pozz for Unsplash

Well, I’m not as chipper as I sound, yet thankful I woke up to greet a new day anyway! My sciatica is a literal pain in the arse, haha! Which makes me wonder if I will ever be able to drive again…being my right leg is numb from the foot all the way up to my knee.

I’m a busy gal, I don’t like being sidelined from my activities, so I have been diligent with my stretches, pool exercises, and floor exercises, trying to drive this sciatica away. It all started when I lifted a heavy child at my job and tried to put her in a high chair table like this.

I ended up with a herniated disc, which painfully popped back in last week, right before I went to see the doctor assigned to me by workers comp at Concentra. What remained was this painful sciatica, which I’m desperately trying to remedy now. I did some research on it, and found a few more stretches to try, they will be painful, but hopefully effective. I was supposed to be put on physical therapy, but no one has called yet.

Should I try to drive I wonder? I mean I can walk with a limp, but I drive with my right foot, which is numb, will I be able to feel the pedal well enough? Anyway, the internet also said it could take 6-8 weeks!!! I need knee surgery way sooner than that, I already had to postpone it because of this mess.

The other thing is, I was wanting to go on vacation to Ohio this year to see my granddaughter I’ve not yet met, it’s a very long drive, I hope I’m well and we get the time off to do it. It will depend on lots of things, my health, Dave’s vacation time, whether we get his mom’s estate settled and her house sold. Y ‘all, I could use a prayer here if ya don’t mind. 🙂

Vacation sounds like a luxury to some people, but my hubby REALLY needs a break. So pray I get my body back in shape, that we sell his mom’s house, and that he gets enough time to make the trip happen, because this drive will be very significant. Not only will we visit our granddaughter, Rayven, but an old Marine buddy of Dave’s named Earl, and then on to his cousins in Illinois. Plus, I’ve never been up north anywhere!!

So, with that I am off to pray myself, finish my coffee and contemplate the day’s activities, do my exercises and stretches, ice, heat, and my stupid Prednisone…I’ll be sooooo happy when that’s all gone!!! It make me crazy!!! Love y ‘all, have a wonderful Tuesday!!




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