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WOD Challenge-09-21-19-Flight-Write Something Wednesday

Word of the Day Challenge

Good morning everyone! I don’t know how to run challenges or anything like that, but you are welcome to join in the fun anyway!

I decided that the way I want to include the Word of the Day challenge today is to start a new Wednesday feature called Write Something Wednesday. I will give you a prompt, then I will write a story based on the prompt and use the WOD in there somewhere. Sound like fun?

Today’s sentence prompt is: Invent a history for someone with whom you’ve lost touch. 

(Names in this fictional tale will be changed to protect the innocent) Here goes:


Detroit Rock Angel

When Tessa Simpson left Micki on graduation day of AIT in San Antonio, she had no idea the two would never see each other again. Tessa and Micki had been the best of friends all through boot camp, then cemented that friendship in San Antonio with all of their wild adventures. Micki was headed to Colorado for her permanent party, she had promised to keep in touch yet never a letter did Tessa get. She decided to move on, make new friends and put her military training to good use when she got to where she was going next; which was Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii.

As soon as Tessa boarded the plane for the long flight to Hawaii, she thought of how lucky she was to be going to this tropical paradise, while Micki would be stuck in Ft Carson, Colorado. She could not have known that Micki would fall in love with the gorgeous state, it’s majestic mountains, touristy locations, and magical atmosphere. Had they stayed in touch, maybe. Right now though, she was excited to get to her permanent party and start the kind of work she’d been trained for, medical lab technician. She was going to a great base with an outstanding Army Hospital, steeped in history in the middle of this tropical destination.

Six years later, Tessa moved back to Detroit, in her birth state, Michigan, to begin a new career of her own. She was bringing along her new man she had met while in Honolulu, a stud named Keoni that she met at one of the local nightclubs while stationed there. He was the total cliché, tall, dark, and handsome, with a killer bod and the same love for rock and roll as Tessa. The minute their eyes locked on each other, she was in love. He had swept her off her feet the same night they met on the dance floor and she had been his ever since. Keoni was the son of a prominent doctor at the very hospital where Tessa worked, had been raised in a military family himself, and until they met, Tessa had no idea who his father was. As they got to know each other, she learned that his mother was a native Hawaiian that his father met while he had been in the service, Keoni and his sister Alani had been born and raised there in Honolulu.

Moving to Detroit would be quite the culture shock for Keoni, but with Tessa by his side, he knew he would learn to love it. They were both wild about Detroit’s native son, Ted Nugent and his music, and Tessa had shared with him all the funny stories of how she and Micki would get in trouble listening to his music in the barracks and dancing when they should have been cleaning or doing some other duty. Keoni loved Tessa’s tales and hoped to meet this friend of hers some day, if they ever made it back to Texas. Tessa just figured that Micki would end up back in her home state when her tour of duty was over, she had been so right, yet nary a card or letter ever came. They had been such good friends back then, what could have happened to her? She just hoped she was happy and for Micki’s sake, she hoped she had found a love as true as Tessa had.

Tessa found work right away in Lansing, her home town, at Ingham Regional Medical Center in the lab as a medical laboratory technician who sometimes also did blood draws. Yes, she became a phlebotomist, just like Micki, however, in Tessa’s case, she did little of that. She had finished school and got her license, specializing in microbiology. Keoni met her family and was welcomed right away, Tessa’s mom gave her the thumbs up and her dad was proud of the woman she had become. Her wild side was somewhat contained, reserved for date nights with Keoni at her old haunts and of course, their private time. They got an apartment together near the hospital and Keoni soon found work in his chosen profession; bartending. He was a superb mixologist and really put on a show with his talents behind the bar, just like that guy in the movie Cocktail with Tom Cruise. Tessa felt like the luckiest girl in the world and wished she could share her news with Micki, yet could never find her. She carried on with her busy career, had a family eventually and thirty years later, she and Keoni had saved enough to move back to Hawaii. He called her his Detroit rock angel and as they touched down in Honolulu to begin yet another chapter in their life, she grabbed his hand, pulled him in for a passionate kiss and told him just how lucky she still felt after all these years.


Ok! It’s your turn if you would like to try your hand at the prompt, I’d love to see what you come up with!

Did you like my story or was it lame, be honest and give me some feedback. I’m sure I could have done better, but I pulled it out of thin air and didn’t want it to be too long or rambling. In any case, I felt like I needed a prompt other than just the Word of the Day to get me moving and writing so, this is what I came up with. Next Wednesday, I’ll post a new sentence prompt and see how it goes. Until then, happy Hump Day!


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