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WOD Challenge-09-17-19-Native

Word of the Day Challenge

Can it be said that I am a native of Texas just because I’ve lived here most of my life, or do I have to have been born here?

I feel like a native, have grown accustomed to this climate, language, culture, and of course we can find any kind of food we want here, yet we especially love Mexican food.

I have lived in this same area of Texas since I was seven, I was born in Mississippi and claim it as my home, so much of my extended family lives there, but I can’t imagine ever leaving Texas. The place we dreamed of retiring to is here, albeit on the coast, although I could probably make my home by any beach if the truth be known.

I’m sure I’m missing other interesting states, I have not visited very many, yet I strongly believe that even if I did, I would always feel like coming back home to Texas.


On a different note, I’m at home recovering from my knee surgery so I want to apologize to all my blogger buddies that I haven’t read or commented on their blogs until today. Since I had the surgery Friday, I have been rather lethargic and weak, uninterested in much but sitting on the couch with ice on my knee for 30 minutes on and 30 minutes off. I took the prescription pain pills as instructed through the weekend, then yesterday had the worst headache ALL DAY LONG! Suffice it to say, I’m done with those! I’ll take Ibuprofen if I need something until I’m better and the swelling is gone.

Good news is I’m walking (gingerly) without the aide of crutches, I was given no instructions or estimates of full recovery, I have an appointment for Thursday next week to get the stitches out and see my pictures of what he did. I hope I’m driving by then! While I hate feeling like a prisoner in my own home, it forces me to take it easy and not overdo anything. I’m hoping I feel up to some housework today or tomorrow, I’ve done laundry and kept the sink clean, that’s about it. Thank God David is the best husband, caretaker, and friend a girl could have. He takes care of most of the housework, cooking, and me when I’m down like this. Some ladies don’t have it so good, I realize how blessed I am!!

Luckily, I can blog from my iPad, although I prefer my laptop, it gets hot if I try to do it on my actual lap, and I don’t think I can get up in the dining room chair right now with my knee in this shape. Besides, after the all day headache, I am quiet wiped out and feeling like a limp rag, so I doubt I’ll get much done today, but I’ll try! I have coloring pages that need to be turned in, and a bunch of new yarn and a borrowed pattern book that’s calling my name. Wish me luck, and I’ll keep y’all posted! Happy Tuesday 😊



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