WOD Challenge-09-11-19-Spicy

Word of the Day Challenge

Good morning everyone! Sorry I have been absent for a few days, I have been doing a bit of “Spring cleaning” albeit late! We have acquired some new furniture and other items from Dave’s mom’s estate and I have been trying to make a place for everything, while cleaning out some of our unwanted items in the process.

Yesterday, I took a trip down memory lane when I opened a box that was full of kitchen stuff we had in our house in Alvarado! That was more than 10 years ago! Well, it was a shoebox, but still! There were all sorts of pictures, mostly Christmas ones from friends and family that share their holiday portraits as a Christmas card, magnets that used to cover our fridge-probably from many fridge’s ago, junk drawer items…you name it! Pens, pencils, my old guitar capo, a package of emergency ponchos, glue sticks, and correction tape. Good grief, how is it still hard for me to toss this stuff? I’ll probably wait until the kids can look through it before I do.

I had to clean the office a bit, it was becoming a catch-all and I really need it to become the OFFICE again, lol! We need to get rid of the twin bed we stuck in there-just in case-and make room for me to have a “proper” desk…I’m tired of writing at the dining table! Then I had to clean out the old buffet, and some storage cabinets to make room for a different buffet. Whew, I’m tired all over again just thinking about it!

Well, as some of you know, my long-awaited knee surgery is coming up on Friday, I might be absent again, depending on the time it takes to recover. I appreciate your patience and prayers as I get through this next (and hopefully last) surgery for awhile! In the meantime, I have to go get a physical tomorrow and then the surgery center might possibly want me to have pre-op…maybe they will take the bloodwork from the physical-we’ll see. Tomorrow evening is our usual “date night dinner,” I’ll be looking forward to something spicy!

Today is my visit with Dad, we will have lunch and play some pool, and speaking of pool, my swimming pool is getting quite cool, even though the temperature outside is still hot, the nights are cooling down and the days are getting shorter. I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday…ciao for now!


2 thoughts on “WOD Challenge-09-11-19-Spicy

  1. I’m a junk collector, Kim. I have candy wrappers tucked away – memories from someone gave it to me when I was in said country. Napkins with signatures from those who joined me for a meal in said restaurant…. you get the pic.

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