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WOD Challenge-10-08-19-Qualm

Word of the Day Challenge

Hello and good morning everyone! It’s chilly here this morning…55 degrees…well, after a searing Sunday, that’s chilly!

I have no qualms about my regrets that summer is nearly over, yet I usually warm up to Autumn right about the time Winter rolls around. 😉

Sorry I have been absent for a few days…It’s been a very interesting weekend, and to be honest, I just have not felt like writing. The focus of this weekend was to get Dave’s mind stress free…to go and do relaxing, mindless things to celebrate the fact that we finally closed on his mom’s house, and while that is nice, it also created other feelings like sadness in it’s finality. Of course we miss her, but the stress of dealing with her house and finances was weighing on him so much. Especially coupled with me and my injuries, and work for him has been another source of stress.

So, the fun stuff! Saturday we got in the truck and for a while just drove aimlessly. We wound up at Lake Grapevine, but were not prepared to do anything, so we just got out and walked to the water’s edge, watched the sailboats, sea-do’s and other marine craft enjoying the most likely last good weekend for being on the water. Mind you, we never go to the lake. So this was a different, kind of relaxing thing to do. But from my perspective, I was upset I couldn’t get in the water or even fish…so back in the truck we went.

At Grapevine Lake

Next, we rolled north and wound up at the casino. Now, this was more Dave’s speed, and probably his ultimate goal…he loves to play the slots and we came out winners, so that makes it all worth it. From where we live in Ft Worth, the casino is an hour away, right after crossing the Ok border at the Red River. It was so low, by the way, that you could see the sand bars in the middle. We really need some rain!!

Sunday, we started out with our usual, church and groceries after, but we were still trying to remain stress-free, so we did not do family dinner. Instead, Dave had promised to take me to play miniature golf, the only kind of golf I can play…especially right now while recovering…and that’s what we did! Now, the fact that it was 95 degrees took some of the wind out of my sails, yet I managed. He won by the way. We were at a fun place called Alley Cats with lots of games like bowling, arcade games, putt-putt, and go-karts, so we went inside and Dave bought a package so we could play fun arcade games for a while. We ended up earning enough tickets to buy our grand baby some toys to go with the princess dress we bought for her birthday next month. When I am better, I would love to go back, I like to bowl and the go-karts look like fun too. Or maybe just another game of putt-putt when it’s a bit cooler! Nothing is cheap around here though…the fun day cost him around $60 for the two of us.

At Alley Cats playing putt-putt

Yesterday, I had every intention of writing, but I did not. It turned out I woke up at 3:30 and neither of us could go back to sleep. I got my kitchen duties done early, thank goodness, because as it turned out, the rest of the day was full of unexpected errands. That was fine, except I was robbed of my scheduled massage (a birthday gift from my brother I was finally going to redeem) when the masseuse noticed I had a bite on my back. She was afraid it was shingles and cancelled my session. It is NOT shingles. I was bitten by a flea or something that got up under my bra strap and bit me several times. My cat is probably to blame, she keeps dragging wildlife into my house like birds, mice, and lizards. Evidently, there are now fleas in my Livingroom rug, and when I get on the floor to do my exercise, they got me. I also have a bite on my leg, and now another has popped up on my side. GRRRRRR! I will have to figure out a way to get rid of them. I can bathe the cat, but she never has any and neither do the dogs. I don’t get it.

Ok, now you know my boring life story, lol. How is your Tuesday shaping up??

Oh, btw, my header photo was inspired by Gary Fultz and his post yesterday…thanks Gary!





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