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WOD Challenge-12-30-19 Labor

Word of the Day Challenge

Tommy Lisbin for Unsplash

When I see the word labor, our word prompt for the word of the day challenge, I think about the fact that my part-time job at the church preschool is nearing an end. By the end of January I will be unemployed again, which means I need to step up my writing game. That’s where my newly almost remodeled office comes in! Hopefully, I will be inspired by the new colors and a new desk enough to crank out some work and find a few paying clients, or a regular magazine column. I’m glad I always have an opportunity with Therapeutic Thymes, thanks to Jeanne (the editor) yet I need to find more willing editors in my niche to equal or surpass what I was making at the preschool.

No, it wasn’t much, but I like having my own money to help out where I can or at least take the strain off David when I want something like a haircut or my nails done. I wouldn’t mind working outside the home, but my family needs me to be around if they call, so I will probably concentrate on what work I can get done from home. I just have to buckle down, and get serious. That can be a New Year resolution I guess, one that is born out of necessity, even if that’s only in my own mind. 🙂

Happy New Year to all my bloggers and friends out there, good luck to all of you with whatever your new year resolutions are!



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