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WOD Challenge 12-31-19 Begin

Word of the Day Challenge

Where oh where to begin as I recap the horrible year this was…2019.

Our Claudette

First we lost Dave’s mother in January after a brief battle with a rare form of lymphoma. Then came the nightmare of selling her house after making sure it was ready first. That meant fixing the foundation, broken tiles in the guest room, repainting…her bills needed to be paid off-the list is long and personal, so I will leave it at that. We miss her so much but I’m glad we were able to sell her house so Dave could move on.

Gotta love the fancy footwear…Not!

Next came the injuries and surgeries to myself that I would just rather forget. To briefly recap, as I was waiting to have my knee surgery, I injured my back at work, filed a worker’s comp claim, went through rehab for that, then promptly rolled my ankle and broke my foot. Finally after getting over that, I had my knee surgery and then had to rehab from THAT! I fell again at work the other day after stepping backwards and a child was in the way, almost twisted my knee, knocked her down and fell to the ground. So lucky I only felt soreness the next day, but I’ve decided I may be better off staying at home. I can’t afford to hurt myself again!

My dad Gus at my house one Sunday-I live 5 minutes away

My dad is needing more help these days anyway, his Parkinson’s syndrome makes him tired, and he has difficulty with most everything due to his severe tremor. He has just about lost the ability to speak all together, so before I lose all communication with him, I’ve secured us an appointment with a movement disorder specialist. I am constantly worried about him and try to visit several days a week. Being at home will enable me to help him out more, I just need to figure out a perfect schedule so I can get the things done I need to do also. When the time comes that he may not be able to take care of himself, we have discussed his moving in with us. He isn’t there yet, however, he still manages his medication and his bills just fine.


So I’ve been pretty busy with all of that, trying to recover, and get my diamond art project done too. Writing has kind of taken a back seat, I’m ready to get back to it! Let’s hope the new year is more pleasant, more healthy, more prosperous, and we stay close to the ones we love. I want a new beginning, a fresh start. I need to get back on the keto wagon, yet I’m not sure I want to keep my keto blog. I have a lot to figure out and work on, let’s hope I make it a reality in my newly remodeled office coming soon! I hope you all have new goals and aspirations and you make the most of the New Year!


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