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Breakin the Law

Well, today’s prompt from Linda G Hill is so on point I had to laugh when I saw it this morning. Unfortunately, it was during a horrifying news story my husband and I were watching at the time and I had to quickly explain I was laughing at my iPad, not the news. Anyway, I digress. Mainly because I am reluctant to tell you WHY today’s prompt is so timely. Hopefully the folks that follow me on my alternative health blog will understand that we are all human, I have slip ups occasionally, I just have to get back on the keto wagon when I do.

Here is the story. Last night while I was at work, my coworker offered me something off her dinner plate (since she was staying for church, they feed her supper.) It was a chocolate chip cookie, warm and freshly baked, just out of the oven. Now normally, I have the willpower not to accept such a treat, but last night I just could not pass it up. I cannot tell you how long its been since I had real home made chocolate chip cookies, warm and gooey, it was so scrumptious I can’t even….and that’s not all folks…I had two!!! Oh, my word! Now, I know you know I know how to make delicious, sugar-free keto desserts, however!! I can honestly say that nothing replaces the butter, sugar, flour mixture that makes up a home made chocolate chip cookie. Almond flour, sugar-free chocolate chips, and real butter or coconut oil come close but…not THAT close.

I know the pitfalls, I know sugar is the devil, I knew my joints would hurt this morning, but I did it anyway because…well, sometimes you just have to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Those cookies were orgasmic they were so delicious! They are my personal absolute favorite cookie, nothing else even comes close. So I caved. 😦   Then I felt guilty-all night long. Yet not so guilty that I didn’t enjoy a glass of Cabernet after dinner. I mean, I’d already cheated so, why not, right?! 😉

Normally when I make such a huge mistake on my diet, I get up the next morning and drink my ACV tea, but this morning I just had my normal coffee and hopefully I can work a walk in later. I will get back on track, don’t you worry. But not tonight…tonight is date night, lol! 😉





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