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JusJoJan 1-10-20 Dogs & WOD Challenge-Campaign

Last months mobile food pantry


Today the plan is to join in my church’s campaign to feed the needy at our monthly mobile food pantry, however, we are in for some stormy weather. Anyone who knows Texas, knows our weather is unpredictable…so the jury is out on how long I’ll be there.

As far as the JusJoJan prompt for today, you can find it here!

Well, my stomach has other ideas, it feels like two dogs fighting in a sack, so I think I’ll stick close to home for the morning anyway. Luckily, there are lots of volunteers that make our church’s mobile pantry a success! If God wants the hungry to be fed, I’m sure He will delay the rain until the job is done!

I have alternate plans in any case, writing of course, then after another installment of the Netflix show that my friend Carol Woodard turned me on to-Virgin River-I will likely go and visit my friend Stephanie who I used to work for. I am going to make a Diamond Art painting for her for her birthday, and we need to measure her space to see if it will fit. First, I need to find the design on the site and see what it’s dimensions are. Once all that is done, I will order it and put it together for her. She picked out a lovely scene with a palm tree, I’m jealous, I don’t even have that one! If I wasn’t on the Diamond Art lover’s Facebook group, I never would have heard about this other company called ShimmerStitch.

A beautiful ShimmerStitch design

That is where the painting she wants comes from. Diamond Art painting is so fun! Its like a paint-by-number that is done with gems. The kits come with all you need to create your “painting.” The result is a sparkly, beautiful piece of art you can keep or give away to friends as gifts. I just hope that the quality of Shimmerstitch designs are as good as Diamond Art Club’s are.

Stephanie’s new caregiver, Kristina, would like me to make one for her Aunt! I’m going to be plenty busy with writing, art, and visits with my dad in the months to come! Since my time with my part-time job is nearing the end, I figure I will have more time to spend with my dad, which is good!




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