WOD Challenge 1-22-20 Guide

“Lord, guide my hands and words today.”


I’m supposed to be working in my new office, yet here I sit on the couch because my dear hubby forgot to retrieve the heater from under his workbench in the garage (and I forgot to remind him). Ugh. However, oh happy day, my heated office chair is coming sometime today so yea!!!

I found it on Wayfair, David paid for it for me as part of my Christmas present (the office remodel, the new desk, and now a new chair!)

I have been writing every day since the first of the year, mostly on my two blogs, but elsewhere as well. Answering other’s blog posts, projects for Medium, an article for Therapeutic Thymes summer issue and more. Today, I have slated for bigger projects and the fact that it’s oogy outside, cold and raining, makes it a perfect day to get something done. I have no commitments, but I do have to go to work at 1:30, so I need to go and get busy.

I’m either going to tackle a story for Brilliant Flash Fiction or The Master’s Review New Voices category. If I get just one of those done, today will be a success.

Here I go…Have a happy Wednesday everyone and good luck in all of your writing endeavors!


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