JusJoJan & WOD Challenge Prompts 1-23-20 My New Chair

My New Chair

Oh man! You guys!! I got my new chair yesterday and I just have to say, WOW! This thing is amazing! It is keeping me warm and massaging my back as I’m typing! I just hope the noise and vibrations are something I will eventually get used to and tune out. I got it from Wayfair, it was delivered on the promised day and when I got home from work last night, my awesome hubby had already put it together for me. I’ll have to work a couple of things out, like move the rug up under the desk a bit more because the wheels of the chair catch on it and I have to keep putting it back. Maybe I need a plastic mat in addition to the rug so I can fit all the way under my desk…IDK. I will figure out something. 🙂

My new chair from Wayfair

Pocket for controls

Later today I will drive myself to work, I have lots to do before that so I turned on the spa music on my living room television and I’m hoping to focus and get all my writing projects done today before I go. I’m hoping the distractions will be minimal and that when I do get to work, the kids aren’t holy terrors like they were yesterday! 😉  Two-year-old’s———–am I right??



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