WOD Challenge & JusJoJan Prompts 1-31-20 My Last Day

Good morning everyone! It’s Friday, Yea!

Yesterday was my last day at my part-time job, wrangling preschoolers at the church daycare and let me just say, it was not as filled with chaos as normal. It was refreshing to see a sense of community with them as they focused together on the tasks Miss Ashley and Miss Emma had given them. I joined in to help where needed and basically enjoyed my last day with the kiddos, giving hugs out when I left and promising to come visit when I could. I will miss the little toots! Here are a few pics of them hard at work. (No names to protect their identities)

Look at that concentration 😊

She’s such a doll!

His fingers were dirty 🤣

Working on their craft.

It’s Friday and I have my work cut out for me; on one level, I want to get all the writing projects I know are “due” today done, and on another, I want to find new opportunities so I will have work to do next week. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a productive (or relaxing) day, whichever you’re going for!


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