WOD Challenge 3-16-20 Kick Up Your Heels

Andre Hunter for Unsplash


Happy Monday Everyone!

Despite the serious nature of what is going on surrounding COVID-19, I think some dancing, game playing, and craft creating might be good indoor activities we can embrace to keep busy and keep our spirits up.

I say “kick up your heels” and maybe turn on some energizing music, dance around your living room, cook some new recipes…there are plenty of things to do while you’re possibly sheltered in place.

Adult coloring books, Diamond Art Painting, make some crafts like jewelry or shell projects, these things can be done alone or with your kids.

Check out my Pinterest page and find everything from great new recipes to cool exercises to freelancing tips.

Read some good books. Read with your kids. Read and/or write on Medium.

Crochet or knit a new project.

Thoroughly clean your house (more fun with music).

Write in a journal, write letters and cards to friends, (if you feel like you can’t visit them right now), start a blog, learn something new on Skillshare. (Both are free)

Most of all, spend some time tapping into your spiritual side, pray, read your bible and ask God for the miracle of wiping out this virus as quickly as possible!!



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