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My Heart and Soul

A couple of quotes I saw at my eye doctor today:

“Music is what feelings sound like.”

“Where words fail, music speaks.”

Music just fires me up and speaks volumes. I was singing as early as three with my Uncle Tony accompanying me on the guitar. The guitar was the second instrument I tried, after a brief fling with the piano went nowhere. But singing was my first true love and it sustains me still.

I like most genres, however, hard rock is the one I’ll never give up on. That’s not to say country doesn’t still hold a special place in my heart, in fact, I’m watching the CMTs right now! (Don’t worry, American Idol is recording at the same time. 😉)

Let me know if you need a concert buddy, cause I’m your huckleberry!


WOD Challenge 3-16-20 Kick Up Your Heels

Andre Hunter for Unsplash


Happy Monday Everyone!

Despite the serious nature of what is going on surrounding COVID-19, I think some dancing, game playing, and craft creating might be good indoor activities we can embrace to keep busy and keep our spirits up.

I say “kick up your heels” and maybe turn on some energizing music, dance around your living room, cook some new recipes…there are plenty of things to do while you’re possibly sheltered in place.

Adult coloring books, Diamond Art Painting, make some crafts like jewelry or shell projects, these things can be done alone or with your kids.

Check out my Pinterest page and find everything from great new recipes to cool exercises to freelancing tips.

Read some good books. Read with your kids. Read and/or write on Medium.

Crochet or knit a new project.

Thoroughly clean your house (more fun with music).

Write in a journal, write letters and cards to friends, (if you feel like you can’t visit them right now), start a blog, learn something new on Skillshare. (Both are free)

Most of all, spend some time tapping into your spiritual side, pray, read your bible and ask God for the miracle of wiping out this virus as quickly as possible!!



Word of the Day Challenge


WOD Challenge 2-26-20 From Ashes to New-Through it All

Word of the Day Challenge

Today’s post is going to be fun because I’m talking about music!

I never, hardly ever, talk to you guys about my music, the music I love, the music that moves me. Well, today’s prompt word took me straight to a song that is my favorite lately-it’s called Through it All. It’s by a band called Ashes to New-a rap/metal band from Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Check out the video here!

Normally, I don’t like rap per say, but the fact that my boys do has influenced me and changed my views a bit. Plus, this song combines rap and rock with metal music so superfluously! Yes…I know I’m about to be 59, yet I will never “grow up” when it comes to my music.

Where’s all my rock fans? I know this post may not resonate with lots of my regular followers/readers, but I’m hoping there are some like-minded people out there who love rock music like I do and we can have a conversation. That might lead to me posting more about my music, which would make me very happy indeed!

I listen to satellite radio-Sirius/XM-mostly a station called Octane. Sometimes I will also listen to the stations Lithium and Turbo. My hubby’s tastes run more to old country and lite rock, yet he still tolerates my music from time to time. When the boys were younger, the youngest Chris and the oldest, Sean played in a group with their friend Ryan. They made rap songs with a rock beat and this song from Ashes to New takes me back to those days.

I wish they had made a video I could share with you. I had a favorite song-something about drinking margaritas on the beach-but I don’t remember the name of it and Josh isn’t here right now for me to ask. He has been staying with us for a couple of weeks now, he can find anything on you tube for me, lol.

I hope I get the chance to see this band live some day, I like their music and I’m not too old to stop going to concerts. In fact, I’m going to a concert in April with my friend, it’s a birthday gift for the both of us bought by my husband. It’s a multi-band concert which will be at the Dickies Arena in Ft Worth featuring Five Finger Death Punch, I Prevail, Papa Roach, and Ice Nine Kills. Tough sounding name aren’t they? Their music is still music though, not too screamy…yet hard, just like I like it!

A note to you all who are nice enough to check out the video-there is a bad word near the end…sorry. Please be patient and listen all the way through so you can give me an honest opinion, the rap is mixed throughout the song but there is good music there as well. Thanks and I would love to hear some feedback on the video.