Quick Keto Snacks/Meal Replacements

Hey guys!

I found a couple of awesome new keto snack bars that would make great meal replacements (I had one for lunch today) or just a snack if you need extra fat to bring up your macros.

Primal kitchen peanut butter protein bar

The first one is made by my favorite guru’s (Mark Sisson) company, Primal Kitchen, and they taste awesome. I tried the coconut lime one today, and Friday I had the peanut butter bar. They have 8g of protein, 2g of sugar, 16g total fat, and 7g carbs! (that was for the coconut lime one).

Fit Factor Protein Bar

Fit Factor’s Coconut Crunch Protein Bar

The other is from Fit Factor and can I just say YUMMO!! I tried the coconut crunch bar and I would have sworn I was eating an illegal candy bar! No chocolate either, very filling, and only 1g of sugar!!! They can be found at The Vitamin Shoppe for $19.99 per box 12ct. I went online to check them out and they are also offering a 10% discount right now! (only on auto-delivery) Click the link for price and product info. 🙂

They also have chocolate chip and fudge brownie flavors.

Check these out in-store or online, they make a fabulous quick snack or meal when you’re on the run or before your workout! I don’t know where you are in your keto journey, but these bars make it easy if you’re bored with your current snack choices, or need an easier meal option than cooking or eating out. I hope you give them a try and let me know what you think about them!

Just ordered myself a box (coconut crunch of course) and all I have to do is go pick them up when ready!


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