Understated Boredom

I’m sitting here watching Chris Jericho hunt the infamous rougaru-the legendary swamp monster of Cajun lore. Just an example of a serious case of the I-don’t-want-to’s, or understated boredom. I’m loathe to say I’m bored, rather, this situation is boring. I know what I Should be doing, I just don’t feel like it. I’ve been up since 5:30…normally, I would have written a blog or something but all I want to do is my Spanish lessons, read, or watch tv. I think having nowhere to go is finally getting to me. I still go to Dad’s of course, but shopping, movies, visiting friends? Not so much.

No matter your opinion on the coronavirus and whether we should be staying in or going out, other people are still staying away, scared to come out until the quarantine is lifted, so it’s as if I’m struck at home too, want to or not. There’s no where to go. Yesterday I did go to the Vitamin Shoppe* to pick up the protein bars I got ripped off on, but that was it. Too hot to walk, or I’d have done that too. I did do some exercises in the house, as I try to firm up the flab that’s appeared since all this started. We are all sitting way too much. I realize that makes things work, but I’m growing apathetic to the situation.

So, we went for a walk, my Brandy and me, along the way, a turtle did we see. She cared not, as she wanted to trot, so we just let the turtle be. 😉

Brandy and I talking a walk

I also made keto biscuits and boiled a couple of eggs so I can have options for breakfast on the days I don’t eat the keto protein bars. I’m hoping to drop a few pounds before our girl’s trip in a couple of weeks. 😉

Anyway, more businesses are opening up, but judging by the lack of anyone beating down my door, I can only assume, most people still aren’t getting out much. I’m ready for get a together, I miss Bunco, volunteering, and house parties. I want to host a Qwirkle game night, but it seems taboo just yet, so I don’t ask. Maybe by the time it’s warm enough to swim, I will start seeing more of my peeps. 😊Surley the chlorine will kill this crap. 😉


*Note on the protein bars…I paid $19.99 on line then went to the store and picked them up myself. My receipt showed I saved $5 making them $14.99. I figured maybe that would show on my bank statement. When I got home and checked, however, I was charged $19.99. I called and asked what’s up with that, the guy told me since I purchased online, the price is what it is. 😦  Guess I’m done shopping there. I may try to find them elsewhere.


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