Weeds and Wildflowers

Good morning everyone!

Today the word of the day is featured in my story I shared on Medium’s publication called Weeds and Wildflowers. It has not been published yet, but I can share the link with you.

I will also show you the subject of the story which is my wild sunflower planted by nature just in front of my sickly rose bush. These things were given to me by either the former owner or the birds and squirrels, I have not planted a single thing in that corner garden.

The early start of my volunteer sunflower

Here it is as a baby plant-at first I thought it was a melon or a squash

My sunflower

And here it is today!

This growth has taken place in less than a month! The neighbor’s bird feeder is just out of sight, practically hanging over the shared fence. We think a bird dropped the seed, or a squirrel transplanted it for us. Anyway, it is very close to blooming, I am so excited!

I’ve never grown a sunflower before, this has inspired me to plant more if you guys think I’ll still have time. I thought maybe along the back fence of this corner garden. I’m also considering taking out the diseased rose, it produces every year, but then shrivels and turns a disgusting rust color with webs and brown leaves. I know nothing about roses, so leave it or get rid of it?

It is hard to see in the picture, but it is behind the memorial stone that was also gifted to us, we think the former owners were also of a military background like us, so we kept it.

Word of the Day Challenge


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