WOD Challenge-An Epic Girl’s Trip Part One-6-1-20

Fun day Monday everyone, have I got stories for you this week!

I thought it best to sort of chop up the last four days into bite-sized pieces so no one gets overwhelmed at all we did and enjoyed for the epic girl’s trip Stephanie, Christina and I just went on to Port Aransas!

A goose was about the only bird we didn’t see, lol! (I had to fit the Word of the Day in here somewhere, lol)

We took off from my house Thursday morning so Dave would have my car if he needed it. Christina was a big help with loading all my bags and chairs, and she was driving the first leg of the trip, so I made myself comfy in the back of Stephanie’s ramp van. The itinerary for day one was basically getting there, securing our hotel room, finding Woody’s so we knew how close Chute Em Up was (very), and getting some supper in us. On the way we stopped for lunch and (leave it to me to pick the Spanish version of Hooters) where we were greeted by scantily dressed (but very sweet) waitresses and noshed on delicious street tacos and nachos. We had to giggle as I snuck a quick pic to send to the guys…who had very different reactions by the way! I tried pickled onions for the first time…good on the tacos but horrid by themselves.

I’d give the pic a pg rating, so I guess it’s ok to share?

A waitress at Ojos Locos Sports Cantina

After that it was back on the road, and my turn to drive the second half of the trip. We were so excited as we discussed the parasailing trip, and I learned a little bit more about Christina on the way down. Port Aransas is about a 6 hour drive from my house, plus, it’s our family’s favorite vacation destination, so I was happy to be the tour guide/chauffeur. Normally, Dave is driving, so I was pretty proud of myself getting us around. I am so familiar with the island that we pretty much had no issues. Off the ferry was the first hotel you come to and that was ours, aptly named The Place Hotel.
The entrance of the hotel decor

Across the street was where we used to go for deep sea fishing charters, it was called Deep Sea Headquarters, I think they might have changed the name, not sure. The island looked the same to me, but much work has taken place since Hurricane Harvey decimated it August 26, 2017.

Other sites on the way were the giant windmills, and the offshore rigs we also took pics of. We passed so many fields of maize, corn, and cotton!

Giant windmills

Oil rig platforms

Now to the ferry

On the ferry, another ferry boat

Us girls visiting the ocean before looking for dinner-Christina and Stephanie

Stephanie and me

Stephanie and me!

Waiting for the ferry was brutal. In part because we just wanted to BE THERE, and the other part was a twenty minute wait. Other than that, the room was not what we ordered, yet worked out fine. I was upset that Stephanie and Christina chose the couch bed and I had the whole king bed to myself, but it was easier on all of us to transfer Steph to the lower bed. The king was pretty high, we did not want any back injuries to derail our activities. We had ordered a double queen with a hide-a-bed, but got the king and a hide-a-bed. Then poor Stephanie had an issue with her credit card and the room booking, but later got that all straightened out too. So then it was time for us to go find some dinner. First though, we drove down to the beach to inquire about securing a beach wheelchair. No dice, but we got our beach pass so we were now legal to drive on the beach.


The girls enjoying their burgers from Bernie’s

I was dying for her to visit Bernie’s Bar and restaurant, but the minute she arrived inside, we had to go, the smoke smell was all too much for her, so we drove around and tried Castaway’s. Way too expensive for the first night, plus trying to park in wheelchair accessible spots was a challenge. Finally we just decided I would go back to Bernie’s and order to-go burgers and myself a BLT to take back to the room and eat. Probably a better choice anyway, we were all pretty beat after the long drive. The food was good and outside the lightening show was intense, I was longing to sit and watch it roll in, but could not figure out how to open the blinds, lol. So we just got ready for bed and planned on blogging, but could not get on the wi-fi! UGH!! I was hoping the whole trip was not going to be plagued with problems, but soon discovered that tomorrow was a new day! 🙂

PS-No keto diet was worried about on this trip, bwahahaha.


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2 thoughts on “WOD Challenge-An Epic Girl’s Trip Part One-6-1-20

  1. Good job remembering and writing about our trip on day one! It is good to hear your side of things! I will be writing my side kind of the same way you are in several parts. You are a wonderful photographer and was an awesome tour guide!! Trips would not be trips without mishaps so nothing surprised me! Give us something to talk about, LOL! I would not have had such an awesome time without you!

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