Respect Goes Two Ways-Epic Girls Trip Day Two!

Good Morning My Peeps!

I’m going to continue with day two of the Epic Girl’s Trip, however, first I have to give my opinion on respect. 

If the protesters around the US want respect, they have to first show some respect. Not respecting the police in the first place is how all this got overblown and out of control. No one is mentioning or covering the fact that Floyd and many others who have been killed by police was disrespectful to the police, he was a criminal with a long record, and all of the so-called peaceful protests have turned into stealing, and destruction of property. Why should we show respect when they don’t even respect themselves?? No, they turn into animals, which hurts their own communities and does not help anyone. I believe that all of this noise is just a ploy to keep us (as a country) distracted from what is really going on, same as with the so-called virus…but that is only my opinion.

Ok! Let’s get on with the fun stuff, shall we?

Day two started with anticipation of securing a beach wheelchair for Stephanie, but first, we had to go get some fancy coffee at Coffee Waves coffee shop which also serves my favorite sweet treat, gelato! My other goal was to finally get in on some free wi-fi, I was successful, and kept the wi-fi the remainder of the trip, whereas the hotel never could get me on it.

While there, I called a couple of places, found out we could get a wheelchair from the city, and off we went after enjoying a delicious panini and some caramel flavored coffee. Then came the big disappointment. They had one alright, but it would have to have been returned by 4pm, and we were due to be in the sky at that time. In addition, it would not have been available for the weekend, it would have had to have been rechecked out on Monday, like a library book, and we were leaving Sunday. Boo, hiss! So we wanted to see what it looked like anyway, and the city worker walked Christina and I down the hall and we saw what looked like a dune buggy that was way too big to fit in the van, but how sweet that would have worked out for Stephanie. This thing was tricked out with big, fat wheels that she could have ridden right into the surf! It stuck out long and skinny in the front, reminding me of a funny car at the drag races. Cool, cool, but it wouldn’t work for us.

Beach wheelchair

Beach wheelchair

After that we drove way down the beach by the Palmilla Golf Course, where there is usually less people, to see how easy it would have been to push Steph in the sand. We stayed looking at the waves for a bit, we didn’t get anything like chairs or the umbrella out, just touched the water and got some pics with Stephanie in her chair on the beach. She loved it, but was excited for the day she would be sitting on the sand in the beach chair Dave bought for that purpose. Now it was time to go get ready for our parasailing excursion!



We went back to the hotel and got everything ready, what we needed to take on the boat, changed clothes and got our sunscreen on, potty breaks, and headed to Woody’s so we would get there in plenty of time to sign waivers, here the safety video and ask important questions. The excursion had already been prepaid and scheduled for 3pm by Steph and Christina, so all we had to do was wait, a little nervously I have to admit. 😉

Stephanie outside Shoot em Up waiting to board the boat.

Once I saw the video, I realized there was nothing to be afraid of, now I was excited! The guys are so experienced and sweet, they literally lifted Stephanie-wheelchair and all-onto the boat, got her seated out of it, and returned it to the dock where it was watched by another team member. We kid of wedged her in the corner and all three of us sat very close together on the ride out, listening to Tim and Sean tell us more safety tips. Then the guys prepared the first couple for launch and we watched them go up, after the guys first inflated the parachute. This is their business at Chute Em Up, they’ve done literally hundreds of parasailing trips and are very safe and professional.


Sean-our trusty guide, photographer, and person who hooked us up to the parachute

We watched the first couple rise up in the sky, stealing a kiss on the way up, and clapped for them. Sean took tons of pics since they didn’t opt for the go pro package like we did, even a funny one with a fake rubber shark that made it look like the shark was eating them in the sky!

He did the same with us as we were flying in the air, of course, we could not see that, lol! I cannot wait to get our go pro pics back!! We were acting so goofy up there, leaning back in the sling seat, looking up at the chute, and all around the ship channel. For me, it was great at first, then I quickly became nauseated, weird, because I usually don’t get motion sickness. It made me wonder if I don’t have some inner ear thing going on. Anyway, it was all still truly amazing, and I can mark that off my bucket list thanks to Stephanie!! We were so impressed with how hard the guys worked and how great they handled Stephanie to make sure she had a great, safe flight, that we tipped them $30 between us.

Tim and Sean bring in the parachute

After all of this excitement, I was still feeling super nauseated, so we went back to the hotel to take a break and rest, I tried gas-x and everything trying to feel better. After a while, we went back to the coffee shop for a treat since neither Christina nor Stephanie had ever tasted gelato. Oh my, was that delicious!! We had two scoops, one coconut, and one horshata (basically rice milk sweetened and with cinnamon added) yummy!! I could have eaten more, but knew better. 😉

I don’t remember what we did between that and dinner, but we decided on The Crazy Cajun, one of my favorite restaurants on the island since the very first trip down over 30 years ago, was where my husband and I first ate. We chowed down on a crab boil of crawfish, crab, and shrimp, mixed in with corn on the cob and sausage, washing that down with an Angry Orchard hard cider. OMG!!! I was in heaven! Stephanie had the less spicy version of that and Christina enjoyed some crawfish etoufee and a glass of Cabernet. What a lovely meal and my tummy was so happy.


Dinner at the Crazy Cajun

The menu-we got one here, they didn’t seem to care about Covid rules

Me eating crab at the Crazy Cajun

I murdered that crab, lol!

Back at the hotel, we didn’t want the good times to end, so we pulled up chairs and the tiny table and whipped out the Qwirkle game and played a couple of rounds. The girls seemed to like it, but that was the only time we played, after that we were too tired every night and pretty much fell into bed! It was a wonderful day, one for the books as they say! Tune in for more fun tomorrow!!


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10 thoughts on “Respect Goes Two Ways-Epic Girls Trip Day Two!

  1. I must say I am so impressed for you remembering everything! I definitely knew that Tim is one of the parasailing dude’s because Tim and I had spoken several times that month but I did not remember the other guy was Sean. They were so nice! Christina and I are going to need to come over to your house and have a picture party so that I can get them from you and her. Christina and I are going to CVS tomorrow to get the pictures and go pro.

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    • I think in my case it’s all about attitude. I had to be able to do for my dad, so thinks have been normal for me almost the entire time. I don’t buy any of this crap, I think it’s all a distraction to keep us from seeing what’s really going on. I don’t remember where you said you live, but I just refused to let them lock me in my house. I was out and about pretty much after the second week of the so-called pandemic here, me and my family have been just fine. Maybe we are lucky, maybe there’s been nothing to fear all along 🤷‍♀️

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      • I’m in full agreement, though I shan’t say here what I think is running not so silently beneath it. I’m in UK. I’m not locked in, but I haven’t a car and can’t use public transport, So I’m foot traffic only. Which restricts me.

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  2. lhoke2016@yahoo.com says:

    Hi Kim. Sounds like you had a great couple of days. You had me for sure with the gelato and the two perfect flavors. There was an Italian restaurant near my office in LA that made it every day. Really miss it.

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