Too Much To Share to Be Quick-Epic Girl’s Trip Part Three

This morning I have too much to share to be quick about it, our last day was a big one for pictures and stories, so here goes!

I couldn’t sleep the next morning so quietly I got up, threw on a bra under my t-shirt and pulled on some shorts, grabbed the room and car keys and headed outside to try and catch the sunrise. Well, I just missed it, however, I got some beautiful pictures anyway. First, I stayed close to the hotel, walking around snapping photos. Had I realized or checked the time sun was to rise, I would have driven straight to the beach. Dumb me! Anyway, I eventually made my way down there and got the bad news and some more good pics.

Pics of the near sunrise around town and on the beach

When I got back, I showed the girls and we got ready for breakfast. After much review of the menus of a couple of different places, we chose San Juan for some (huge) tasty burritos. I snapped a quick pic while waiting for the food, then hurried back so we could eat in the room and get ready for our day at the beach. First though, I took the girls souvenir shopping…I just could not bring myself to shop yet, knowing we’d be going back later this summer.

The chair Dave bought for Stephanie worked out so great, I just could not get over it. She and her long legs looked just like a beautiful mermaid on the beach! She sat comfortably, while Christina and I headed out into the surf to try our hand at the boogie boards. Unfortunately, my knee was a hot mess, swollen and painful, and I was worried I would hurt it worse, plus my back wasn’t so hot either. I managed about three waves in the super strong current, then gave up the fight. Maybe when we go back in July, I will have myself in better shape.

All of us enjoying beach time

As you can see, the beach umbrella didn’t work out to swell, I snapped that picture just before it went sailing down the beach! A nice lady one spot over helped me retrieve it and I packed it back up in the van. The wind that close to the water was no match for an unstable umbrella.

We enjoyed about three hours in the sun, sand, and water, then packed it up and headed back to the hotel to get cleaned up for dinner. We had lots to clean up, sand in the van, all over Stephanie’s wheelchair, and we all needed showers, I knew all this would take a while, I also knew it would not be a pleasant job all burnt up, so I was sorry to have to be the bad guy and drag us away from the beach. I never want to leave it either, but I was feeling responsible for Stephanie and did not want her to burn. I was excited to find a seed pod like the ones Connie and I have found in the past, I thought it was a hamburger, but later she told me it was a sea purse.

We decided to go to Moby Dick’s for dinner. By this time, more tourists were on the island and everywhere was crowded. We had to wait an hour and a half to get in, so what better way than with a delicious strawberry daquiri? YUM! So not on my diet, but I was so enjoying myself, I didn’t even care. Moby Dick’s is a bar, restaurant, and gift shop. Normally it is boisterous and fun, but you could feel the tension in the air as they complied with the 50% capacity rule and lots of people waiting for tables. The wait staff all wore masks, unlike the Crazy Cajun, but the wait was worth it. The food was delish, but I think we were all sort of full after that huge, sweet drink! So we ate what we could (I ate most of mine except the breading on the fish) and rushed back to the hotel with upset tummies. One bathroom and three hurting females is not a good mix! I was working out scenarios in my head of what to do if I couldn’t make it but as it turned out, everyone relieved themselves with no issues. (sorry if that was too graphic ;))

The next morning we woke up to rainstorms, I had to move the van as it was sitting in a flooded area of the parking lot and we still needed to load it. We got ready, loaded the van, got a picture of Stephanie and Christina next to the palm tree, and took off hoping to get breakfast before heading to the ferry. I didn’t want to be sitting in another long line, so I was kind of relieved that we chose to wait until we were in Aransas Pass to eat. I had another planned stop at the Life in Paradise rental place, but chose to forego that as well. I did slow down to take a pic of the bright pink decoration at a new tire shop before we headed for the ferry. Once on, I was disappointed at the new rule stating we had to stay in the car (probably due to the COVID) yet I managed to get my obligatory pelican picture. 🙂

So that’s about it, drove in the blinding rain for three hours, got a quick breakfast at Sonic on the way (I just had a cold coffee and my protein bar) and then Christina took over at the halfway mark and drove us the rest of the way home. We did stop at the Czech Stop in West, they have awesome food, but it was just a potty break, so I grabbed a bag of cheddar/caramel popcorn for us all to share and stuck the rest of the bag in Stephanie’s back pack as a surprise for when she got home. It was a fun-filled, wonderful long weekend, and I hope the girls had as much of a good time as I did! I can’t wait for our next Epic Adventure!!


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5 thoughts on “Too Much To Share to Be Quick-Epic Girl’s Trip Part Three

  1. Epic it was! The pictures were all beautiful! Enjoyed myself like crazy and it will go down in the books as one of my favorite trips, because of a lot of things including spending it with you!

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