SoCS-Coffee, Tea, or Me, The First Flirty Book I Ever Read

Buenos tardes mis amigos!

Today I am participating in Linda G Hill’s SoCS prompt which is “coffee, tea, or me?”

I remember being a young teen and wanting something more “grown up” to read, so I took this book “Coffee, Tea, or Me” by Donald Bain from Mom’s collection on her floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, and proceeded to enjoy it without her knowledge. I’m pretty sure I got in trouble for it, but I thought it was worth it. The book was written as factual in 1966, yet was later to be revealed that it was a work of fiction. I remember it being pretty scandalous and much of it was over my naïve little head. Still, it felt like I was getting away with something, which of course made it that much more fun to read! Another one I read and Mom felt was too “adult” for me was “Jaws”, by Peter Benchley. After I finished that one and walked away nonplussed, I guess she decided my reading level was up to par and didn’t question my choice of reading material anymore. 😉

If you would like to join in, just click on the prompt link above and follow the rules!



2 thoughts on “SoCS-Coffee, Tea, or Me, The First Flirty Book I Ever Read

  1. My mom did not partake in reading books. I stole a pack of her cigarettes for my friend and I to smoke when I was around 12. That was my “naughty” thing. It was a pack, and she had a half and I the other half. This was done in all one sitting. She got sick and I did not. I never did that again, and I do not know if she did either. I do not think that my mom ever found out about it but I think I told her. We both had a good laugh about it!

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