Will Things Work Out??

Friday finds our unlucky couple getting the news that the rental they booked for their upcoming vacation was available for all the needed nights but one, sending them scrambling for a cheap last minute hotel deal for one night.

Realizing that everything is booked up for July, the trusty wife combed through hundreds of websites, VRBO’s , Hotel sites, Airbnb’s, and even different locations than where they are headed, all to almost no avail. Plans are not going as usual, things are looking grim price wise, and literally all she could find was a cute little cottage in Rockport, or a Windham hotel in Seguin. What will they do??

EVERYTHING is SOLD OUT!! Will they get a break? Can one of the four of them find a much-needed place to stay within their budget without having to sleep in the same room???

Stay tuned as the freaked-out couple and their son and girlfriend wait on pins and needles for a cancellation or a lucky break!!

Curse the booking site for informing us of this last minute detail!!


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4 thoughts on “Will Things Work Out??

    • It was kind of tongue in cheek, but I am worried we won’t find one at this late date. At least one within our budget. Dave isn’t the planner I am, I wish he would just let me book something now.


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