A Sickening Feeling-Word of the Day Challenge-7-17-20


I’m saying that, but I have a sickening feeling our vacation is not going to go as planned. 😔

We leave in the morning, and due to a snafu, we have to stay one night in a hotel in Portland, Tx. Then, last night we found out they have closed the beaches in Nueces County to vehicles for the next two weeks! 😔So, we went to Academy this morning and spent over $200 buying a wagon, beach chairs, and a tent cover which we will have to haul back and forth every trip. Well, at least we will get our exercise 😉I haven’t looked at the map, but the place we are staying in Port Aransas looks to be pretty close to the beach at least. Also, there’s a curfew from 8:30pm to 6am in addition to the vehicle ban.

At least we will get to go deep sea fishing, Dave booked our trip last night online. So, to summarize, we haven’t even left yet and we’ve spent around $700 😠

Wagon, tent cover, chairs for the beach

Please, say a prayer they don’t screw anything else up and we manage to have a decent time. Dave and Chris need this break so much, already everyone is stressed out. Chris scheduled his vacation time long ago, but his boss is acting like he doesn’t know that and trying to schedule him to work for the weekend! Smh!

Chris and Becky will be coming later than us, in their own vehicle, so we won’t see them until tomorrow night in Portland at the hotel. I just pray the weather holds out and we all get a little beach time. If the trip wasn’t already paid for, we’d probably just reschedule it, but it is what it is.

Ok, whiny rant over, yall have a nice weekend, I’ll check in when I can. 😉

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2 thoughts on “A Sickening Feeling-Word of the Day Challenge-7-17-20

  1. KC says:

    I will pray that you have a – maybe surprisingly – wonderful time. It’s really about family/friends and being together. A beautiful get-a-way always helps but in the end, you are still getting away.

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