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The Container Store is Hiring! SoCS for 09-26-20

According to Linda G Hill, these are your instructions for today’s SoCS prompt, thank you, Linda!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “container.” Use the word “container” any way you’d like. Or think about a container of some kind and write about it. Enjoy!

So Dave and I were out running our Saturday errands, grabbing a bite and then heading home when I spotted a sign that announced the Container Store Distribution center is hiring and the starting pay is $17 per hour! Well, I immediately sent the news to my middle son, Josh, who is in between jobs again. Let’s hope he checks it out! Yes, it is in Grand Prairie, but that is not too far. It is about a 20 minute drive from my house.

Digital StillCamera

I had asked Dave yesterday if we could go and get some things to set on the porch for a little display I decided to put up. I’m terrible at this decorating stuff by the way, but I had been looking through a magazine and was inspired to do a little something. My wheels began to turn and I remembered that I had an extra table, an old timey lantern, rusted from being outside, and asked him to purchase a mum and a few small pumpkins.

It may look lame to all the wonderful decorators out there, but to me, it looks better than the bare porch that was there before. I’m sure before its all over, one of my well-meaning neighbors or sisters-in-law will direct me on how to make it look better, lol. Or, I may move things around until I get it where I like it, but at least this is a start. So I have a mum in a container, a small pumpkin, and a few decorative gourds. I may bring a couple of those in and put them on my mantel.



2 thoughts on “The Container Store is Hiring! SoCS for 09-26-20

  1. HOLY CANNOLI’S $17 an hour!! I should tell Christina about that and that can help her in getting a new apt.! She does not make enough with me to do squat and the apartments asked for her to make more and then she does. I feel so bad for her and I would love to be able to pay her more as we both know she deserves it! She is claiming a house for a little part-time extra cash however, she will not pay taxes on it so she cannot claim it to get an apt. I do not think she is majorly looking for something else but if it were to follow her lap she would take it. Cleaning houses is not something she really wants to do though. Hope that Josh looks into that job. I love your porch decor! I have always wanted to decorate for different holidays!


  2. Awww, thanks, I know it’s not all that, but it’s better than nothing! I even cleaned up the back garden, I did it in turns, so I wouldn’t overdo it and hurt my knee. I just can’t stand seeing the weeds take over.
    I don’t know if that is Christina’s cup of tea…plus the distribution center is a warehouse in Grand Prairie, so that may be too far away for her. Locally, on Denton hwy, I saw another place hiring that offered $100 sign on bonus. Uhaul storage facility. You might share that one with her. I hate for you to lose her, maybe she could do a part time night job or something. Or a work from home job in the evening. I’ll send you a link for some of those!
    Love you and have a good night!


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