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Momo’s Many Watches

When my mother-in-law, Claudette, passed away we discovered that she had an affinity for watches.  She loved jewelry in general and we used what jewels I didn’t keep, donate, or give away to make a gorgeous table-top Christmas tree that us girls agreed to share so that each of us could have a piece of her every year.

While I was going through her jewelry, I counted 45 watches! Most were large and blingy—not my style at all—so David told me if I wanted one to choose and he would get me a new battery to make it run. I chose a small two-tone watch with a blue face and a tiny diamond chip at the top. So far it is keeping pretty good time and it’s small enough to suit me.

I am one of those ladies that feel naked without a watch, even though these days, most people get the time off their cell phones, I like having a watch. Besides, it’s also a fashion accessory and one I’m used to having. Before I “adopted” her watch, I had one Dave had purchased for me but was no longer working. I wanted Claudette’s watch to have a reminder of her, and I liked that it was small and sort of understated.

I gave most of the remaining watches to a local retirement home so they could use them as bingo prizes. I hope they are enjoying them!


Claudette and me on a trip to San Antonio a few years ago.


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2 thoughts on “Momo’s Many Watches

  1. That’s a really great idea using your mother-in-law’s jewelry. My mother passed away last fall and I recently started wearing her watch. I hadn’t worn a watch in years. Having a cell phone has taken away that need, but I enjoy having it on my wrist. 🙂

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