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SoCS 10-31-20 This Will Be Tricky

It’s time for your Saturday Stream of Conscious post and here are the rules from Linda.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness is “trick.”Use it any way you like, and have fun!”


I am alone for a while today, which is unusual because Dave and I normally run our errands together on Saturdays, however, his employer had other ideas. 😦

That is the breaks when you are in upper management sometimes. You have to be there to ensure the job gets done properly. It’s Halloween, there’s a full moon, and the problem is on a busy street with a restaurant nearby…what could go wrong?? LOL I’m hoping he gets the men all lined out and gets to come home soon.

In the meantime, I have plenty to keep me busy, and an idea for a decor change in the living room, but it’s going to be a trick getting what I want to do done by myself. It will be a nice surprise for Dave when he comes home if I can manage it though.

I want to put this large portrait we acquired when his mom passed away on the mantel above the fireplace, and relocate the picture that is currently there to my office or bedroom. This picture is very heavy, and even if I just “place” it there instead of attempting to hang it, I will be satisfied. There is just enough space to get it done I think. 

I did it, but the picture is just sitting there, not hanging on the wall, which makes me nervous. If he likes it, he can hang it when he gets home. I think it’s a great place for the picture even though it’s not really my style. I just wanted a home for the portrait 😊 Sorry about all the light from the patio door, but you get the idea, I rearranged the items on the mantel, which may get done again and again, lol. I’m quite anal. What do y’all think?

Other than that, I have a few tasks in the office and around the house to get done, then I need to go shopping for my granddaughter’s gift for my son…how does this fall to me I wonder? 😉 He knows what he wants to get her, he just rather I do the shopping. He did give me the money for it at least. I personally have purchased a book, three pairs of shoes (they are too cute yall) a unicorn bow, and a toothbrush set–all JoJo Siwa, (except for one pair of shoes which is Frozen and lights up) whom I’d never heard of until her mother informed me of her existence. Josh wants her to have this particular outfit that I can supposedly find at Walmart. Ha! We Will see, I’m sure that will also be a neat trick.

We don’t expect any little goblins and ghouls this Halloween, but I’ll probably go get some candy just in case. I’d hate to get caught without it! I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween, whatever you do!



2 thoughts on “SoCS 10-31-20 This Will Be Tricky

  1. Looks good! I was nervous for you when you said you were going to do it! But you did it!! I like it, not really my styleeither but it does look like a goes there! What exactly is the picture of? Yes, it’s day would like to hang it let him do it!

    Good luck shopping for her! Hope you find everything.

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