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Aeolist-A Limerick

El Jefe

I once had a boss who was so boring

He caught me several times snoring

Had he not been a windbag

He’d have been less a drag

And my job would have been more adoring!

I honestly never had a boss quite that bad, however, I did work for an Englishman who could be rather pretentious at times, and self serving. I still loved him, working for him and his wife was actually very rewarding and I’m still friends with her and her family to this day.

She is now pretty ill, I’m going to visit her tomorrow and see what I can do to help. Her son says she sleeps most of the day and she is having memory problems. She is in her mid 80’s, so I guess that is to be expected sometimes. Poor dear. Say a prayer for her.

While you are at it, can you say some for my uncle as well? I would very much appreciate it.



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