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WOD Challenge 11-5-20 Amazing

Hey there and Happy Thursday everyone!

I had an interesting day yesterday, a visit with an old friend, took the pups to the groomer, and started another long practice audio transcription.

This one is so long it is in multiple blocks. The subject matter is architecture, so it is very interesting to me. The issue with this one is that I’m having to transcribe three or more speakers. It gets confusing, but I have pretty good ears, and actually figured out the interviewer and three separate voices. I did all that work for nothing as it turns out. I peeked at the answer key to make sure I had the format and speakers correctly identified, and all they have through the whole block is INTERVIEWER and Male Voice! UGH!! Ha, the joke is on me I guess, but now I know I can do it!

I am about to go edit the block I did yesterday and that is all the time I will have to work on that today. I am going to Dad’s for lunch later which limits my time for office work in the morning.

The pups looked amazing when I picked them up from the groomer yesterday afternoon. They were long, shaggy, and matted when I took them in, they came home clean, soft, and silky to the touch, and you can tell they felt so much better. Brandy has thinner fur, so she will be a bit chilly, and the day at the groomer wears them out, so they slept good last night. That means we slept pretty good as well. Now, if we could just get the city to shut off the light shining in our window, that would be great! We live in a court, the light pole is two houses to the left, making the light shine directly in our window. Blinds help of course, but don’t block all the light. Our other window has already been covered in foil because the neighbor to the left of us has a motion sensor garage light that shines in that window off and on all night. ugh! I guess we will have to cover the big bedroom window as well. I don’t know if someone turned the light or made it brighter, all I know is that it is much lighter in our bedroom at night since a couple of days ago.



Trying to get them still for a photo

My friend Bj looked so frail and tiny, making her big shock of silver hair look that much bigger. She stayed seated on a bench next to the wall the entire visit, petting her ten year old pup and making small talk when prompted. She has lost her short-term memory, cannot hear well at all, and won’t wear her hearing aids because they aren’t fitted properly. Her son is doing his best to care for her, but needs some outside help. Luckily, he has friends, and an aide comes a few times a week to do physical therapy with her because her knee is hurting her so bad, she can hardly walk, even with her walker. She did seem to remember me and asked about my boys and what was I doing these days. However, she kept repeating things she had just said several times, and the conversation was kind of awkward. I tried to get her to eat some lunch, but Johnny said he would go and pick up some food from Chili’s for her in a bit. I didn’t stay long, she looked ready to go lay down, and I was having a hard time getting her to hear or understand me. I left and told him to let me know if he needed anything, promising to come back for a longer visit when she felt better.

I hope you all have a good Thursday, I’m looking forward to a FaceTime call with my uncle later this afternoon. I’m hoping we can get the family involved, that way we can visit with him a bit without traveling to Mississippi, I don’t think he has the strength for it right now. Keep sending prayers, I truly appreciate it.


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