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Explaining HSV

So I mentioned having what I thought was ulcers in my throat yesterday, and this morning they are all down the left side of my tongue as well. It’s extremely painful and it makes you miserable all over and eating is very difficult (but I manage 😁

I scheduled a Teladoc appointment and she said that due to the stress of getting ready for Thanksgiving, I’m having a resurgence of what had been dormant HSV (herpes simplex virus)

First, let me explain that more than half the population has HSV in one form or another. Ever had a cold sore? That’s it. Ever had chicken pox? That’s it. Once the virus is in your body, after a breakout, it goes dormant until the next time you are stressed out.

There is no cure, but it can be treated and managed. It will come back time and again for the rest of your life. The treatments are antiviral meds like Valtrex (Acyclovir) and keeping your stress levels low. Supplements like L-lysine daily will help keep tissues healthy and numbing medicine is available for wherever the nasty ulcers break out.

“symptomatic and asymptomatic viral shedding are common for both HSV type 1 and type 2, thus, infected individuals can be a symptomatic yet infectious allowing these viruses to be transmitted unknowingly a factor which contributes to large global prevalence of HSV infection.” —World Health Organization

It doesn’t help that I also have a little bit of nasal drip which adds to the sore throat symptoms, so I’ve been taking Tylenol every 4 hours and using Maximum strength Chloraseptic numbing spray for the ulcers.

Hopefully, I’ll be right as the mail in a couple of days, the doc gave me some Valtrex to knock it out quick, and said to stay well hydrated. Which I am. 😊 Cold stuff helps, not hot. So I had homemade iced mocha this morning and a popsicle is sounding good about now! If I can find one. I ate the softest leftovers I could find and it still hurt to eat. Spice is not your friend when you have mouth ulcers. Stay away from spicy foods 🌶 until the ulcers go away.


Of course, you all know me and know I’m also using my essential oils in the diffuser, like peppermint and eucalyptus! If nothing else, they smell good and help everyone breathe better. Today I added Vetiver as well, maybe it will help calm my nerves and help me relax. Did you know that Vetiver is used in India to prevent sepsis? It also calms inflammation, removes toxins from your body, and boosts your immune system. Diffusing it can help relieve anxiety, manage stress, and help with depression. What a great choice I made! 

  Well, I’m going to get that popsicle now and take a break with  Chicago Med. You all have a lovely Monday!  

2 thoughts on “Explaining HSV

  1. Oh it must be very painful to have so many ulcers. My husband is a dentist, he was teaching in the dental college of our university. He used to ask his patients to eat cumin seeds two time a day regularly for some months. About 15 seeds in the morning and 15 in the evening, not roasted. It helped many of them. Take care and all the best.

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    • Thank you! That is interesting about the seeds. I should be getting my shipment of turmeric soon, maybe that will also help. Plus this morning I discovered I had taken my medication wrong I was supposed to take to Valtrex twice in one day and I only took one dose, so today since I still feel bad I will take to twice.

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