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Beloved-The Best Book I’ve Read All Year!

Have you read Toni Morrison’s book “Beloved”?

Well, I have and I have never read anything like it! I loved it so much, that I entered a writing contest based on the first line from the book. (I didn’t even place)

The story takes us from Sweet Home where the main character, Sethe and her children were slaves, to the home they escaped to and tried to survive in with a benevolent spirit. Sethe’s youngest daughter Denver lives there with her and so does Sethe’s mother-in-law, Baby Suggs until she dies in her bed shortly after Sethe’s sons leave home. (they were trying to escape living with the ghost) The story does jump around a bit, but Toni has such a way with words and such a unique style of writing, that you will be able to follow along, no problem.

Beloved enters the scene sometime later, after Sethe’s ex, Paul comes back and tries to exorcise the house of the ghost. It is believed to be the oldest child of Sethe, who killed her when she was a baby to keep her safe from returning to slavery. She was trying to kill all of her children, but was stopped before she could. She believed the four horsemen that came to her and her mother-in-law’s home were trying to take them all back to Sweet Home, so she grabbed the kids and took them to the woodshed, where she attempted to kill them.

Sethe feels so guilty about Beloved, that she spoils her and ignores Denver for the most part, although Paul D warns her she is creating a monster. You will have to read the book if you want to learn what happened, I promise, it’s worth your time!


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