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Word of the Day Challenge-Ending-12-28-20

I had the Christmas decorations down in the 25 minutes it took for Dave’s egg cups to cook and the kitchen cleaned, plus all of my emails read and my Spanish lessons done before 9am this morning. This abysmal year is ending soon and I for one am happy to see it go! Don’t you all feel the need to clean house and get ready for New Years Eve?

I have been reading so many books on so many different devices, it seems like one should be ending pretty soon, but they just keep renewing. Maybe if I focused on one at a time, I could get through all three faster

The Outlander series is very long and spans multiple books. The Boy in the Woods by Harlan Coben is good-you should check it out. It is not what it sounds like. Neither is Bridge of Clay by the same author as The Book Thief. I’m hoping they all have happy endings.

Although we didn’t give many gifts this year, I received a couple and was so happy because one was a new Diamond Art Project and the other was a cool case of supplies to help with the craft. One side has lots of little containers for the drills (gems) to go in and the other side has tools, wax, tweezers, labels and more! I started working on my new picture last night, I will share the final project with you when it’s finished. Here is my last one.

I should have retaken the one on the right-the daylight one-because I didn’t see those weird lines show up before. But you get the general idea. Dave did an awesome job framing it!

I have no idea what we are doing for New Years Eve, but it is usually here at my house since we have a pool table and we feel better about having friends and family here than going out somewhere. Of course, sick people need to stay home!! With the year ending very soon, I need to get to planning if we are going to party here!

I hope you all have a safe and Happy New Year and that 2021 is the best year ever!!


Word of the Day Challenge

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