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Word of the Day and JusJoJan 01-06-21

Yesterday was very awkward as I did my routine in a different order than normal. trying to mix it up for a change. As a result, supper was late getting made, my studies were rife with difficulties, yet I still managed to accomplish a few things.

Laundry got done, supper was edible, and I finished the block 89 interviews (WHEW) that felt like they would never end. I had to finish them using the hot keys because my pedal wouldn’t work. Grrr! Before that, it took me forever to get my earbuds to connect! Then, when I started the new grouping of practice interview tapes, I couldn’t hear them! UGH!

I have put the question to the Facebook group for us transcription students, asking if they are testing how well we can hear poor audio or what? I hope that is not the case, or it’s going to be a long practice session tomorrow.

Today I’m with Dad. So no work is getting done except this here blog. His appointment to get his repaired hearing aids is at 10am, then we will probably do lunch and then go to the store. If I can get back in time, I may attempt a session before dinner. We will be eating leftovers, so at least I don’t have to cook today!

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