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I Wish I Was at the Beach. JusJoJan & Word of the Day

What is more mesmerizing than watching the waves roll in and back out to sea? I wish I was there right now, because all of you who know or follow me, know I HATE cold, and it isn’t even that cold yet!!

If the JustJoJan prompt is still caught, I guess I would be caught daydreaming that I was spending a carefree, stress free day at the beach instead of watching the turmoil that is going on in our beloved country right now.

So, tonight was date night, which means, of course, that I’ve had a margarita. So in my mind, I’m already there. At the beach. Concentrating on catching the next big wave, soaking up some sun, and contemplating what I want to drink with dinner. Not worrying about a thing. Being mesmerized by the repetition of the motion of the ocean…bliss!

Is it 2024 yet? Cause I really want to skip to the end please.

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