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WOD Challenge 02-11-21 The Other Woman

Hello everyone and welcome to a frigid Thursday here in fantasy land, where I have decided to become…The Other Woman — at least for today, lol.

I’m so sick of my hair. Luckily, I have wigs and hats, so today, I am rocking both to see 1) if I can stand it and 2) if it’s a look I can feel comfortable pulling off. I tell you what, they are hot! I mean, I look hot (just kidding) but they are warm and the feeling of heavy hair on my neck is warm and scratchy. I’ve probably been holding my head a certain way all day too, which is making my neck sore, but I want to see what my man thinks of my new look. Knowing him, he will act nonchalant, like it’s no big deal. But it is a big deal to me.

I never realized how much hair affected my self esteem. If I had cancer and was losing my hair, I could understand that so much better. Anyway, I want your opinion. I took a couple of selfies with it on, one with my hair behind my ear, and one with the wig like it normally lays. Another bothersome thing is wearing my ear buds hurt really bad, probably from the combo of the wig and the hat pressing on my ears. I don’t like the look of the wig by itself because I need that poof on top which this wig doesn’t have and my other one has too much!

So, take a look, and give me your honest opinion. I would also consider cutting the length to get it off my neck, if that is an option y’all come up with. Okay. Thanks a lot for visiting fantasy land and I appreciate you playing along.

I just realized I suck at selfies, lol!


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12 thoughts on “WOD Challenge 02-11-21 The Other Woman

  1. Thanks! Um, he did not like The Other Woman. But I did. Now what? I asked him if maybe I cut the wig a little so it’s shorter, like my hair. He was not helpful in his answer. Maybe he just needs time to get used to it? I know I need to get it fitted so it fits my head properly. I tried to explain to him hat I am not ready to go gray, and that I don’t like my real hair. I can’t do anything with it that doesn’t make it look like I’m trying to hard. He just doesn’t get it. He loves me for who I am. I get that. But I want to be happy with my image. Is that wrong? Don’t worry, I will keep working on it til I find a solution that works for both of us! 😘


    • I agree with Tre what really matters is what you think not everyone else! I completely understand that you are self-conscious of your image. I am that way about every visible image on my body. It bothers me even if it doesn’t bother anybody else. I am still going through learning to accept the things I cannot change about myself, and to change the things I can. You are changing what you can about your hair, now it is just about figuring out what YOU like best! What gets us confidence is having opinions from those that we love and I get that! Something I always try telling myself is “That It Could Always Be Worse.” I love you no matter what, regardless of whether you have long hair, grey hair, or no hair!

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