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One-Liner Wednesday & WOD Challenge 2/17/21

My house upon returning after the power outage, before we got an additional one or two inches last night.

What fresh hell is this??

The frozen pool 🥶

Oh, I know. Many of you would be overjoyed at seeing the rare Texas snow ❄️ but ours came with a hefty price. No snowmen, or frolicking in the snow. Temps hovered in the single digits, we and millions of others lost power statewide, this being such a rare event here in Texas. The DFW metroplex has never seen these kinds of temps and our energy companies are overwhelmed, as well as the wind energy companies. They forced massive rolling blackouts, putting many, if not most, people dealing with broken pipes, and no heat.

Luckily, my brother has power and a fireplace. He invited us to stay with him until our power came back on yesterday afternoon. Now, it’s 64 in my house, but I am home. Cuddled up under blankets, so far still in my pjs, just trying to stay warm. Not leaving this house unless absolutely necessary. My front yard looks like a winter wonderland and the back yard looks frigid and uninviting. The pool is frozen on top and I hope and pray the pump isn’t broken. Other than that, I feel lucky to be in my own home, blessed I have food, and feeling sorry for all those that don’t.

We are being asked to conserve water, no showering, washing clothes or using the dishwasher. Keep our heat low, and unplug anything not absolutely necessary. Pray our power stays on and we can help someone less fortunate than us if necessary. My friend Stephanie and her dad were without power for all of Monday and Tuesday until last night. I’m so glad they got firewood and a starter, those fireplaces really help. We have one, but since we haven’t ever used it, we can’t start now without it being serviced first. It’s just not practical to venture outdoors today, except maybe to take picture from the porch, lol! Luckily, we will be above freezing by Friday and hopefully all this mess will be a distant memory, save for the recovery of our economy.

I’m also praying for my friend and former employer, BJ, who is in the hospital.

At least we don’t have Michigan snow, like my friend T!


One-Liner Wednesday
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7 thoughts on “One-Liner Wednesday & WOD Challenge 2/17/21

    • Thank you and I will pray she gets relief soon. I feel I should write another post about being grateful I was merely cold and inconvenienced. I am so much more blessed than others. ☺️I truly am grateful to be cold but having electric and water and so far, no broken pipes, floods or anything else others I know are dealing with this week.

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  1. I hope the weather and utilities return to normal soon. I understand what you are dealing with, but the shock of having to deal with it when it’s so unexpected must be extreme. Holding a good thought for you.

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    • Thank you so much! We will learn a lot from this. Thank God my husband has worked for one city or another for 35 years. He knows a lot about what to do with pipes and such. My Dad has a broken pipe that will have to wait until the weather improves. We have so far been lucky and power has been the worst part. I hate cold, but it’s a small price to pay compared to the mess a lot of poor people are going through.

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  2. Two of my friends are both still without power. They’re in San Antonio. But, they’ve plenty of food and items to keep warm. This, I’m thankful for. We’re in the middle of another winter storm warning here, ice storm expected, but we’re used to it up here. It’s still not fun, though. I’ll take a snowstorm any day over an ice storm. You guys please be safe and stay warm. I hope the power will stay on.


  3. Thank you, Tre! We will get through it, and then there will be many messes to clean up. I wonder how long it will be before stores have items delivered, everyone’s pipes get fixed, etc. it’s going to be messy, but at least by this wknd, temps will be above freezing. You hang in there too!


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