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WOD Challenge 02-19-21 Fizgig

When I was a young woman, just starting my short military career, I was quite the fizgig! Wild, carefree, careless sometimes, and flirtatious, I found myself in more than one compromising position. Somehow I survived to tell the sordid tales, but I knew many young ladies who were way wilder than me. Let’s just say I was so lucky that love found me finally when I met David. I’m still flirtatious, but he knows I only have eyes for him. I’m happy to say we have been married for 35 years! In June it will be 36. 🤗💕🥰


From a couple of years back a local restaurant

Onto the wild weather news that has plagued Texas all week. This weekend the warm up begins, thank God! Before we get there, however, we have now got a serious water shortage to deal with, and most of Texas is under a boil water notice. 😢 To add insult to injury, many are still without power. Melting snow to flush with, or use for other purposes. Nothing on the store shelves and warming stations are set up all over to help those with no power or water.

I’m trying not to freak out, just stay calm and use water as sparingly as possible. I don’t want to jinx myself, so as not to utter the wrong words, I’ll just say again, I am very blessed to have power and water so far. Please pray for all those suffering in Texas, and send what you can spare to the various agencies set up to help. It will be some time before suppliers can get groceries back on the shelves, gas, and restore power, fix all the broken pipes, etc.

An icicle showing the slow melt that started due to the sun yesterday. Today we should finally see above freezing temps.

Public Information Officer Mary Peters, City of North Richland Hills AGENCY
View larger photoWATER EMERGENCY
Mandatory Conservation & Boil Advisory for North Richland Hills
Until further notice, ALL NRH water customers should use water for emergency purposes only and are advised to boil water before consumption. Emergency purposes includes drinking, cooking, flushing, and other safety reasons. Stop dripping water at the faucets, if you currently have heat in your home. Delay using showers, baths, washing machines and dishwashers until this water crisis has ended. If you see broken water lines in your neighborhood, please report immediately to 817-427-6440.
Current demand is outpacing supply. The water emergency is due to a limited supply of water coming to us from the City of Fort Worth and Trinity River Authority.   



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