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WOD Challenge 02/23/21 Sobering News


So! Did anyone take advantage of my link yesterday to get the FREE newsletter from The Morning Brew? If so, I guess you saw today the very sobering news about the coronavirus toll (if those numbers can be believed) which is at half a million deaths in the US. All flags on federal property will be at half-staff to mourn the deceased.

NASDAQ and S&P are both down, but the DOW, Gold, 10-yr, and oil markets are up for those of you who monitor this sort of thing.

Speaking of sobriety, yesterday Jay-Z sold 50% stake in his champagne brand, Armand de Brignac (Ace of Spades) to LVMH to try and prove that luxury and hip-hop just naturally go together. I could care less, but maybe someone out there does. 😉

In my other newsletter I read, (1440 Daily Digest) some of that news is repeated with more detail, plus, there are many more interesting stories, news, and puzzling tidbits, like why this ‘Nyan Cat’ crypto art sold for 300 ETH which equals $560,000!!!

Now, I don’t even pretend to understand cryptocurrency but if you got in on it in the beginning, you might be wealthy by now. But are you really? Who’s to say until someone finally cashes out. I don’t understand it at all. Bitcoin, dogecoin, its all Greek to me.

Okay, I’ve been diverting myself from the real issue, which is my sobriety.

I like to drink a cocktail every once in a while but I don’t think I’m headed for alcoholism unless we don’t get back to some state of normalcy soon. I mean, man I miss my friends! I miss going places and enjoying it, which I can’t because of wearing the stupid masks. My sobriety is depending on this…jk. I’m fine. Really. If I can skip days of drinking and have a cocktail every other night, or wait a week and have one on the weekends, I’m still in control. I do look forward to date nights for our weekly Mexican meal and a margarita. 😉

I am all for things like water and energy conservation (after the week we just had made these things very important to me), and even social distancing, but can we please shed the masks now??? 

Have a sober Tuesday, y’all, and let’s get back to the business of thawing out, studying our lessons, writing scads of material, getting our yards ready for spring, de-cluttering our houses, and everything else we need to do to progress through this crazy world! Do some fun stuff too, like the craft that makes your soul happy! Oh, and don’t forget to call your folks and grand folks at least once a week. They get lonely, even if they say they are alright!! Check in on your friends too, everyone is feeling isolated right now.

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