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WOD Challenge 03-31-21 Change in Plans

Well, I had a theme for the upcoming A to Z challenge, but a new idea struck last night and I need some crumbs of wisdom from you, dear readers! I was going to do my posts on Music I’ve Loved, however, it occurred to me that I have a plethora of Gastro Obscura newsletters piled up, so I’ve decided that maybe you might be more interested in learning about different foods and their cultures from around the world. What do you think? Surely, I have an alphabet’s worth of material here to write about, and I could further yours and my own education on these culinary delights.

So, quick, there isn’t much time! Please let me know your thoughts on the matter. Maybe I can somehow tie in the occasional musical selection within each post, maybe at the bottom of it, or something like that. Say I’m writing about some obscure nut from Australia (that’s coming up for sure), I might include a song like Lime in the Coconut or, you know, something that fits the post. Or not, whichever you choose. The food posts may be enough in your opinion- they will probably be a decent length as they will be very informative.

Thanks in advance,

Peace out for now!

Tomorrow starts the A to Z Challenge!!

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5 thoughts on “WOD Challenge 03-31-21 Change in Plans

  1. I think you answered your own question? This is your blog and you need to do what interests you best. I think that may be you would procrastinate more by doing something you didn’t find as much joy in.
    PS-their reasoning behind the procrastination in my blog he is different!

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