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WOD Challenge 05-27-21 Where Are the Bees?

Gardens may become a necessity again with the way the world is headed.

Dave’s garden and on the fence, his herbs.

Many of you already garden on a regular basis, but we are just getting back into the practice, sensing the possibility that it may become necessary to sustain us in the foreseeable future.

Anyway, Dave’s garden is looking pretty good, except that his squash is blossoming, but not producing fruit. Strange, the tomatoes are. What’s up may be the fact that we have less bees than before, so we went and bought a flower known to attract bees, I think it’s called a Black-eyed Susan? One bee. That’s all we’ve seen so far.

Dave self-pollinated using a Q-tip, just in case they never came and did their job. Yesterday, I moved the flower from the shade into a spot where the sun would hit it. Let’s just see if that worked. He also planted an above ground herb garden, we’ll see if he is as successful as I was with my indoor herb garden a few years ago.

In Dave’s garden you’ll find tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, jalapeño peppers, ghost peppers, spinach, that’s all I can remember. Luckily, he just replaced our broken-down fence, so no critters can get in and steal our produce. (Actually, the driveway opens to the yard until he builds his shop and carport) just don’t let the critters in on that secret.

We looked for a beehive, but haven’t found one yet. We have taught ourselves to make sausage, and I’m a pretty good baker. If it all goes to hell in a hand basket soon, I think we’ll be ok. 😘

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4 thoughts on “WOD Challenge 05-27-21 Where Are the Bees?

  1. Our grandparents always planted rows of flowers along the garden. So many flowers available in garden enters do not carry pollen so the bees have no interest. (watch t9 see which flowers attract pollinators). They are all over my hyrangeas right now and also the clover we have allowed to grow in the grass.

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