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#SoCS and WOD Challenge 05-29-21

It’s Saturday and that means do what Linda G Hill prompts us to do with this:Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “collect.” Use the word “collect” any way you’d like. Have fun!

I had to sit for just a moment and think about what all I’ve collected in my life. Books, music, beads, buttons, dolphins, writings, recipes, and that’s just a basic list. Of course, the list has changed and grown with me through the years. I’m pretty sure books were the very first thing I had a collection of as soon as I learned to read. Then, with my love of music came the collecting of 45’s (remember those?), albums, 8-track tapes, cassette tapes, and finally, CD’s. Now, all that stuff is obsolete since most of us just find out favorite streaming music stations or play our most desired songs through our Bluetooth devices.

Of course, the books were hard to let go. So I haven’t yet. What has survived many moves is tucked away in a closet. Stephen King, Robin Cook, and a few of my other favorite authors are waiting around for the day they become valuable or my future grandchildren might want them. Silly, I know. I also have a tub of albums put up, and cases of CD’s collecting dust somewhere in another box. Why? Idk.

My dolphins reside on a corner shelf for display. Every once in a blue moon I get another as a gift or I find one I can’t live without, but that’s been a while. My only tattoo, in fact, is of a pair of dolphins. I don’t like it anymore and wish I could change it, someday when I get my shape back, lol.

The beads and buttons are put away in my craft closet because I can’t bear to part with what I did for many years, making jewelry, in case I get bored with Diamond Art or writing (NEVER!) So that begs the question, why don’t I just sell the whole lot? I’m a creative person, that’s why, just let it be! I may get back to it when inspiration strikes. As for the Diamond Art, I don’t really collect that, since most of my finished products are given as gifts or adorn my own walls. Come the fall, I may auction one off as a fundraiser for the PKD Foundation. Maybe two!

The beads came in handy just yesterday as my friend wants to use some from my collection for a craft in her backyard! I gathered the crystals I thought would work, and she is welcome to come get them at her leisure.

In other news, it seems that COVID-19 has had the trickle-down effect we were all concerned about, and Snowmageddon didn’t help. Inflation is on the rise, the cost of everything has gone up, including gas and oil, just in time for summer travel. Surprise, surprise 😒

Well, whatever you collect, make sure it doesn’t become too much clutter around your house. Oh! I forgot, I also have a tub of stuffed animals that I’ve managed to save. Why? Sentimental reasons. Should I let them go? Why? They aren’t bothering anyone except maybe my husband, but they reside at the top of my closet, minding their own business, maybe waiting for that illusive day I have grandkids I can touch and hold, because surely, their value will only be found with them.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone! Have fun, be safe, and don’t forget those who died protecting our country!!

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3 thoughts on “#SoCS and WOD Challenge 05-29-21

  1. Books were my first collection too but I did let go donating all but two to Half Priced Books. It’s Kindle and online public library for me. It still prefer paper and with the loosening of restrictions might take a real loaned book out again.

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