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WOD Challenge 05-26-21 Not Crazy!

This article proves I’m not crazy after all!

In my haste to share this article with you all, I only copied the link to the article, not the link to The Word of the Day. I will do that manually I guess.

Anyway, most of you that know or follow me, know I have a condition that has bothered me from time to time called misophonia, which causes intense reactions to certain sounds. In my case, it’s more like some days my ears are so sensitive that normal sounds like doors clicking shut, or water from the shower hitting the shower floor make me want to scream because the sound actually hurts my eardrums. That is called hyperacusis. It sounds crazy, I know, but read the article and it explains the reason.

I feel vindicated! I feel like taking this article and shoving it under the nose of my audiologist who made me feel like it was all in my head!

Anyway, I’ll be glad when they discover a treatment, because so far, nothing I’ve tried has worked. I came close one time with a particular essential oil, but it didn’t cure it unfortunately. I’ve learned to live with it, and what seems to exacerbate it (alcohol) and have discovered new CBD products that are helping me 1) drink less and 2) tune it out or 3) sleep through it. One of the products is full-spectrum CBD, which has 2% THC from hemp, and the other is CBD Delta8

Now, I don’t want y’all thinking I’m an alcoholic or anything, I don’t think a few drinks a week makes me one, but if I can drink even less and still feel relaxed, that’s a good thing. The CBD also helps with my anxiety, so there’s that. I’m trying different products to see which one works the best for me. I’ve even had my dad try a few as well. Nothing is helping the tremor from his Parkinson’s much, but he reports better sleep. That’s important also.

So, for any of you that also suffer hyperacusis, and/or misophonia, just know you aren’t crazy after all!

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