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WOD Challenge 06-16-21 TikTok Videos

One of the most popular trends today besides Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, is TikTok: an app for mini videos. My son Chris has joined the ranks of people opening sports card packs, hoping to cash in on collectors wanting the most desirable sports cards out there. That boy knows the world of side hustles and popular trends like no other!

Basically, you pick a topic you are passionate about and do little videos to show off your style, or bring awareness to something, or just play around. There are thousands of people just doing silly things to see if they will go viral, but think of what you could do with a worthy cause or message!

Anyway, yesterday I made my own little video, just to see how people might respond to it, showing me starting an indoor compost with coffee grounds and other biodegradable material. It got like 10 “likes” on the first day! Not too shabby.

Speaking of composting, that is another trend gaining popularity once again as we all look to our possible future of growing our own food for sustainability. Our garden is doing alright, except we still have no squash, just blossoms. No bees either. Putting compost around each plant is supposed to fortify an fertilize the soil, so I thought, “What can it hurt?”

For me though, it’s a job getting any real grounds from those little tiny pods our coffee comes in, because we use a keurig type coffeemaker. It can be done, but it will be slow. So I thought we should start a compost with the grounds, our eggshells, fruit and vegetable discards, etc. Maybe Dad will share some of his coffee grounds with me!

What trends do you follow? Do you even care about trends or what is trending? Let me know in the comments!

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!

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6 thoughts on “WOD Challenge 06-16-21 TikTok Videos

  1. Lol. I’m not a trend follower. Half of these things now I just don’t have the patience, time, or energy for–now when I was in my 20s, that was a whole other story. Lol. Good luck with it, Kim!

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  2. Tik-Tok is another big time waster for me. I am doing good to get on Facebook every once in a while! Good luck to your garden! Can people give suggestions to you for your garden or just likes? Good luck to Chris also!

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    • For sure, that’s why it might have been just a quick experiment for me, lol! Yes, anyone can give me garden tips! Thanks for the good luck wishes, and don’t worry, you aren’t missing anything important on Facebook 🤣🤣


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