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WOD Challenge 06-29-21 Concinnity Lacking

Concinnity was lacking yesterday as I wrote nary a word, save for comments on other’s blogs. It was a weird day, where I had the best of intentions, only to get sidetracked by…life.

So it all started with a trip to the dentist. While I was on my mini-vaca, a tooth I just had recapped began to bother me when eating something hot and I thought, “Wth, I just had this fixed!” Anyway, luckily it was nothing. Maybe an irritating nerve at the gum line was all he could figure was the cause. Change back to mouthwash without alcohol, go back to Sensidine toothpaste, and he adjusted my bite guard so that maybe it wouldn’t rub the inside of my lip raw. I’ll take that thank you!

Came back home knowing I need to write or study, but first I needed to cook Dave’s egg cups. Before I had gone to the dentist, I made myself a keto cake in a cup, which was so big, I split it into two meals. That started the cooking bug I guess, because from there I made his egg cups, after thawing some home made breakfast sausage because we had no bacon, and then later I made him a surprise from our garden-cucumber salad! It was my first try, so I hope he likes it! I also granted myself 30 minutes of pool time, sunning for half, exercising my legs the other half. Oh, but before I started on the salad making, my son and his gf came over to sleep. (I guess they could get no rest at the apartment of the friend where they are currently living).

Cucumber salad with garden grown cucumbers, tomatoes, and basil

Once that was done, I opted to eat the remainder of tossed salad in the fridge for lunch and started watching the rest of a movie I had been watching the night before…Marnie, an Alfred Hitchcock classic I’d never seen. At some point I got cold, paused the movie and walked outside, where I noticed the garden needed weeding. Five minutes into that, my son called me on Facebook messenger from England, so I dropped everything to talk to him. Twenty minutes later it was raining hard, so no more weeding of either garden I had planned to tackle. Now we are in a weather pattern promising more rain, so I need to get out there before it starts again. This may be the only writing I get to do today, because today I go visit with Dad.

I did my Spanish lesson on Duolingo, although I had a hard time with it, and I guess cooking is kind of creative, so it wasn’t a total loss. But I’ve been on hiatus from my studies in transcription for a few weeks now, and I keep finding excuses to put it off longer. That means I’m not ready to go back yet. I’m trying to let it come to me in its own time, the willingness to get back to it. Then I’ll finish and take the final. I feel im being pulled in other directions right now, I’m needed elsewhere, or there’s always something that needs to be done. Even my crafts have been pushed aside for more pressing matters. You may call it procrastinating, but I think I’ll do better if my head is really in the game. Now, it’s not about the desire to make extra money, which was the whole purpose in me taking the course, but the need to finally finish something, especially after paying a great deal of money for it! Wish me luck, and also, pray I find my creative muse again, she seems to be on vacation as well. 😉

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