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Three Day Prompt Poem

Photo credit: IMDb

Deadliest Catch

frenetic activity

upon a wild sea

a reunion of sorts

as the crabs all flee

waves of upheaval

threaten to kill

fishermen scramble

tanks need to be filled

trying to make money

on Alaska’s frigid waters

teams race to make quota

including the daughters

this life is brutal

not for the weak

dangerous conditions

yet fortunes they seek

Opilio crab bring big rewards

salute the brave souls

who fight with no swords

the Bering Sea is a formidable foe

taking too many to the black depths below

I missed several days of prompts and posts, so I hope you’ve enjoyed my ode to the reality show, Deadliest Catch. Exciting, yet super dangerous, I wouldn’t want to be married to one of these guys. The rewards may be great, but the danger is what would keep a wife up all night.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend with family and/or friends! I did, with Dave home for 4 days in a row. We got a few things done as well as having a relaxing, good time with family.

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