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WOD Challenge 07-29-21 Akin

I felt something akin to panic as I heard Dad turning on the shower his first morning here at my house.

I had risen early to be ready in case Dad got up early and might need something or some help. Last night was his first night staying with me while my son Sean is out for the next five days on vacation.

Dad clearly doesn’t comprehend how much I worry about him, yet did not fight me when I asked him to stay here until Sean gets back. I tried to talk him into taking a shower in our bathroom, instead of fight with getting in and out of a tub-so dangerous for a man in his condition. He refused.

So I sit here, driving myself nuts with all that could possibly happen. If he falls, can I get in and help him, or did he lock the door? What to do then? I mean, I’ve seen it all before, but I know he would freak if I busted into the bathroom to help if he were to get in trouble. I wouldn’t be too happy about it either, but I would do it!

I hope the week goes smoothly, you just can’t understand how difficult it is when communicating is nearly impossible, he cannot talk anymore, texting is very difficult due to his tremor, and he is very shaky with walking, even on his cane. Yesterday, he nearly fell backwards going up the three steps into his house from the garage, thank God I was inside waiting and grabbed his arm. Yet, will he use the ramp out front that he built for Mom? No! That may have to change.

I have no steps at my house to contend with.

Today the plan is to just go with the flow, eventually I will take him to get a shave at the barber. I have cooked a delicious blueberry baked oatmeal for breakfast and later, we will go fetch the things from his house that he likes to eat and drink and bring them over here. My fridge was too full to try that yesterday. He has specific milk, yogurt, juice, and egg substitute that he normally uses at his house.

Pray for me as we work through the week, no mishaps and no disagreements 😉

Have a good day yourselves, I hope you are watching the Olympics-they have been so exciting so far!

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