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WOD Challenge 08-02-21 Juicy Gossip

I’m not usually one for juicy gossip, however, a little birdie told me my friend Stephanie is coming home from the hospital today, and I say yea!!!

Stephanie and I last year at the beach in Port Aransas

I found out she was in the hospital from her dad Saturday night, something having to do with her heart. As you may or may not know, I used to be her caregiver, and Stephanie has a rare form of MS called FA- Friedrech’s Ataxia, which is a recessive hereditary degenerative disease affecting the spinal column, cerebellum, and medulla, marked by muscular incoordination and twitching. Usually it manifests in the adult, but Stephanie was diagnosed in her teens.

The disease also affects the speech, hearing, and shortens life expectancy due to heart disease, yet some people can live into their 60’s or older. I feel that Stephanie gets such good care by family, friends, and her medical team, that she will beat the odds!! She just has an occasional hiccup with her heart, like the one she is dealing with now, and unfortunately, she also suffers from diabetes, another disease related to FA. She takes all of her prescribed medications, eats right, and gets therapy twice a week, and massage therapy because of extended periods in her wheelchair.

Let’s all give her a prayer and a thumbs up for such a short hospital stay, shall we? I really think it would make her day knowing so many people were checking in, saying hi, and saying a prayer for her quick and continued recovery. 🙂

Thanks in advance, and you have a fabulous Monday!!

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2 thoughts on “WOD Challenge 08-02-21 Juicy Gossip

  1. Thank you so much, you are such a good friend and yes it made my day to hear that you posted this blog about me! I am doing well and have a follow-up appt. with my heart Doctor tomorrow. Since coming home my heart rate has been great! Appreciate your prayers! Many hugs and much love!

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    • Absolutely and I love you so much, I had to share your story and get all the prayer warriors praying for a quick recovery ❤️‍🩹🤗
      I truly hope that the CBD had nothing to do with this incident, since it was several days later, but the thought did cross my mind. My mind went back to the chia incident, but CBD does not usually cause heart palpitations. If anything, it calms your heart down. I’m sorry you had such a negative response, maybe CBD with ashwaganda would be a better fit for you-no “high” at all, just a calm stress-free experience.
      Anyway, I’m glad you are so much better!
      Dad had a good visit with me and he is home now. I had a hard time dealing with some of his issues, enough to make me realize I am not ready to have him live here just yet. I worked my butt off!! I’ll talk more about that later to you in private, but I think I may sleep like a baby tonight! 😴🥱😁


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