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WOD Challenge 08-12-21 Parsimonious

There are those who say I’m so parsimonious I squeak when I walk, lol.

Photo credit: Pixabay

I prefer to think of myself as frugal, not cheap. Why spend hard-earned money on useless things? Going out to eat should be a treat, buying new clothes is a rare treat, I’d rather get hand-me-downs or shop at thrift shops, bring them home and wash than spend a hefty amount on new clothes.

Recently my sister-in-law gave me a whole bag of her clothes when she cleaned out her closet! I was ecstatic! Now I could get rid of some ill-fitting clothes and were some things no one has seen! Jay, I haven’t forgotten you, I’ll get to that fashion show someday!

While fun, another thing I don’t like is spending money at the casino. Rarely does one win, and more often we throw good money away. Like Dave said we might as well throw it out the window as we drive to the casino! Yet he still likes to go occasionally, and as long as it’s rare, I don’t mind.

Am I sanctimonious

Because I’m parsimonious

No, I’m just a simple girl

Trying to keep my marriage harmonious 🤗

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