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#SoCS 08-14-21

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “luck.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!

Photo credit: Wikipedia Ashwaganda plant.

Recently, I’ve been using a brand of CBD with ashwaganda, but ran out of my sample. I’m so lucky to have been gifted a bottle of ashwaganda capsules. They are a great stress reducer and make me feel calm and relaxed without any euphoria.

Just a warning though, before everyone rushes out to get some. All the research I’ve done suggests you only take it for three months. Now, I don’t know if that means it’s ok to take it for three months, stop for a while and take it again, or not. Further research on ashwaganda is necessary. But, for now, if it makes me feel as good as CBD, I’m keeping some around as a backup for days I don’t have any CBD.

Ashwaganda root before grinding.

It’s commonly ground and put in capsules, and the dosage varies, but mine is 800mg in two capsules to be taken once a day, they suggest after breakfast. It’s the brand Organic India and had it not been given to me, it runs about $18.99 per bottle. Totally with it!!

Warnings for pregnant women, and people on thyroid medication seem to say don’t use.

If you want to try it, ask your doctor if it interacts with any medications you’re on.

Since I’m in steroids right now for inflammation of my muscles, which makes me shaky, it helps to level me out.

Thanks to Linda G Hill for the #SoCS prompt today. We’re so lucky to have her! 🤗


2 thoughts on “#SoCS 08-14-21

  1. I figured that if you would take it to help you sleep it would be best to take it at bedtime? Do you know if the sample pack of gummies (I have 5 now) have an expiration date? I want to try to cut them in half and try again maybe in a month or something. I was talking with a girl today with FA that was telling me that she is taking baclofen for her muscle cramps??? WTH, that so surprised me! She is younger than I am, she was telling me that baclofen is a muscle relaxer. I told her I take Lyrica for nerve pain and that is all! She used to just take 5 mg of baclofen at night and would sleep 12 hours straight but now is taking 3 times a day 25 mg. She told me that I asked her about being sleepy from that and she said that she drinks too much caffeine for that, LOL! She did not drink those red bull drinks or anything like that which is good, but wow! She is my really good friend with FA that lives in Kansas City! I would much rather deal with the gummies then to try another medicine with side effects!

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    • Yeah, I don’t blame you! I’ve never heard of BACLOFEN. My muscle relaxer is very mild the dr gave me for this shoulder thing, but the name is very long, lol. What kind of samples did you get? Delta8, or CBD + pain? They don’t expire for a long time, especially if you store them in the fridge. That’s where I keep mine. It’s hot, so I don’t want them to melt together. If you are just taking them at night, half would be a good dose. For you, I would not suggest CBD with Delta8 because it will make you feel mildly high. Some people say because it’s THC from hemp, it’s safe, but I don’t know how that might affect you and your heart. If I were you, honestly, I would let me get another sample of CBD with ashwaganda and trade those for what you have. Or just take ashwaganda supplements. They are super calming with no euphoria. It’s up to you. ☺️


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