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WOD Challenge 08-29-21 Excellence in Care?

Before I start my post, let me express my fear, anger, and hope about my family not leaving Biloxi when they had the chance. I pray the storm doesn’t do the extensive damage they are predicting. It’s already a Cat4 and I have family all along the gulf coast. God help them!

Now, what I want to talk about today is how, when you have to take a loved one to the hospital, you expect excellence in care. For the most part, we did! However, yesterday, I received a letter from Dads insurance company explaining why they denied him the inpatient rehab facility.

The doctor phrased the request for “acute inpatient hospital stay” instead of “Inpatient rehab facility.”

I’m beyond angry upon learning this news. I texted his case manager and told her about it and asked her to call me. We’ll see what happens. I asked her if it was too late to resubmit the request with the proper verbiage.

As to what is happening right now at my house, David kindly gave Dad a proper shower, since Kevin found the shower chair and Dave cleaned it up. He took him into our walk-in shower instead of trying to get him into the guest bath, which has a tub. My suggestion. It worked out well, and I’m sure Dad feels much better. We give him three square meals a day, his meds on time, and help him to the bathroom and ready for bed, which does not happen when he’s at home. I’m sure he appreciates it, but his stubborn pride will take over I’m afraid, when he goes home. I’m praying that home health starts when promised and that they will be coming every day until he is stronger, but we’ll see.

As to what I said in the beginning of my post, I know I’m supposed to “Let go and let God”, but I can’t help myself from worrying because the time to leave Biloxi and other cities in the path of the storm was yesterday and they did not leave. My thought is, if you don’t trust the knowledge of the forecasters and you stay, it may be with tragic consequences. If you leave and nothing happens, what did you lose? Nothing. Why can’t they see that?? Sorry, but I’m so upset. About that and about the whole hospital thing.

Ok, I am going to try to calm myself, shower and take my Ashwaghanda (sp) and relax with my church service. Please pray for all of those in the path of this dangerous storm, and that the majority of folks with common sense got out in time. Have a blessed and peaceful Sunday everyone 🤗🙏🙏

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